Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho: A Critically-Acclaimed Brazilian Lawyer Famed for Litigation Prowess

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Pursuing a legal career in Brazil is a common trend. Being a lawyer, for instance, calls for extra effort keeping in mind the complexity of the Brazilian legal system. The system is a challenge to any unqualified professional and navigating through it requires utmost keenness. Another factor of consideration is the Brazilian constitution which was created in 1988, meaning that it has been effective for over two decades now. The constitution, being the basis of all laws, attracts many people to scrutinize and learn more about it.

A basic Brazilian lawyer starts their professional path at around 23, this being after about 6 years of studies and interning. By 2011, 676,845 lawyers were legally practicing. The number of lawyers who are out of schools with no licenses is much more. A lawyer is certified to start their practice once they complete and pass their Bar Exams. After that, they are entitled to work in any field of law they deem appropriate.

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Ricardo Tosto is a renowned lawyer working with Tosto and Barros, a law firm highly recognized for litigation specialization. The firm is a pioneer in the market with an excellent reputation for acting in not only complex but also high-value litigation. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the anchor of the law firm. He is seen as a market leader attaining great recognition in the industry. Close to all of the litigation areas in the office are handled by him in an efficient and organized manner. As much as mass litigation has a platform in the office, most clients are more concerned with the excellence of legal services in hard cases. This highlights what Tosto does.

One of their main international client remarks that Leite, Tosto e Barros is a definite leader on the list. This is attributed to the value-added strategies recently embraced by the company. Ricardo Tosto is known for maintaining four main techniques for the smooth running of their firm; agility, dedication, efficiency, and skilled technique.

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Rationale for the Surge of Healthcare Costs in the United States

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Health is exceedingly becoming expensive in the United States. In 2013, Americans spent an excess of $933 billion on health care. According to a research finding published in JAMA, most of these resources were mainly spent on aging and population increase. In the recent past, the country has spent hugely on various diseases. For instance, diabetes prevalence increased considerably across the country, costing a total of $64 billion. More than $44 billion of this money was however spent on pharmaceuticals.

Research conducted on diseases is equally a potential cause of the increase in healthcare costs. The annual expenses on inpatient rose to $697 billion compared to its earlier cost of $258 billion. Notably, the increase came even with shorter hospital stays among many patients.

According to Dieleman, the health sector is particularly committed to lowering healthcare spending. Even then, the healthcare efforts have now been frustrated by the rising cost of drugs and hospitalization. The healthcare sector is conducting extensive research to minimize disease expenditure.

Joseph Newhouse who serves as the director of Harvard Division of Health Policy Research and Education identifies that the health sector is experiencing a rise in spending and purchasing. Any effort to stop this trend can only stop further increase. For instance, breaking down costs will promptly decline further increase in healthcare costs and restore normalcy in the sector.

Eric Lefkofsky serves as the chief executive officer at Tempus. Eric is the founder of this technology company that is specialized in cancer treatment. The main goal of Tempus is to build one the largest global library of clinical data, molecular, and operating system to readily avail resources and data with ease. As a result, physicians will be able to offer customized cancer care services to patients.

Eric first established Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006 and is now one of the pioneering private charitable foundation. Eric currently serves at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago as a trustee. He works at Accelerated Disruption as an author and a professor at the University of Chicago. Eric attended the University of Michigan where he earned his Juris Doctor.

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How George Soros Is Changing the World

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George Soros has donated a whopping eighteen billion dollars to Open Society Foundations, according to the New York Times. This move comes as part of his estate planning. George Soros has been donating eight hundred or nine hundred million dollars to Open Society Foundations every year, but this move is unprecedented. It is one of the largest donations ever made by a private individual to a foundation. Now the Open Society Foundation is ranked as the second largest foundation in the United States. The only one above it on the list is the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.

Over the course of his life until now, George Soros has given away more than thirty two billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations have been promoting freedom opposing authoritative governments all across the globe for over thirty years. They have also been supporting education, and they have helped countless students get the education that they deserved but could not afford. He fights for those who are suffering discrimination, such as people in the LGBTI community.

George Soros has firsthand experience of what it is like to live under a fascist regime. He was born in the 1930s and lived through the occupation of Europe by the Nazis. He only escaped because he and his family used false papers to disguise the fact that they were Jewish. They also helped other families to do the same thing. George later explained that instead of submitting to fascism, they fought it.

George Soros left Hungary during the time it was occupied by the Communists, in the year 1947. He went to London, where he studied at the London School of Economics. He worked hard at night to support his studies during the day. In 1956, George Soros moved to the United States and got involved in the world of finance. He became very successful on Wall Street.

In 1970, he started Soros Fund Management, and he became one of the most successful hedge fund operators in the country. He started Open Society Foundations around thirty years ago. He took the name from Karl Popper’s book, Open Societies and Their Enemies, which discussed the difference between an open society a closed or fascistic society. Karl Popper explains how there is no one philosophy that is the truth and which can be forced on people and the value of democracy and freedom of choice and expression. George Soros believes in this very much, which is why he named his foundation the Open Society Foundations.

He started his philanthropy by awarding scholarships to struggling students in South Africa, which was then under apartheid. He then supported freedom in his home country of Hungary, which was then under the rule of communism. He helped people get to the west side of Germany to discover new ideas. He has done good work in more than one hundred countries. George Soros has also worked hard on making sure that drug users get rehabilitated in the proper way and not by ways that have been tried but do not work. and Follow him Twitter.com

James Dondero, the Dallas based businessman and renowned philanthropist

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James David Dondero is the President and Co-founder of the largest collateralized loan manager by dollar amount in the U.S., Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years of credit market experience. James Dondero also serves at HCM Acquisition Company as the CEO and Chairman of the Board. He is a renowned philanthropist in Dallas, Texas. Through his company Highland Capital Management, James has donated millions of the company’s proceeds to non-profit organizations and charities around Dallas. James has been committed to providing improved educational opportunities to the people living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This has seen an increase in the number of donations and partnerships in the region. James is known to actively support other initiatives that include veterans’ affairs and public policy. Highland Capital Management donated $2 million worth of donations to Southern Methodist University. This is aimed at providing undergraduate students with public policymaking exposure. These students receive opportunities to study abroad, senior year internships, and access to key figures globally. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

James Dondero was the chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary before co-founding Highland Capital Management. He managed to help in growing the business from conception in 1989 to over $2 billion in 1993. James was responsible for the approximately $1 billion to American Express in form of fixed income funds between 1985 and 1989. Before joining American Express, he had undergone financial training from JP Morgan.

James studied his BS in Commerce at the University of Virginia. While at the university, he earned Accounting and Finance majors with highest honors. He is a Certified Managerial Accountant and uses the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. James has gathered vast experience over the years in the markets of credit and equity. He has managed mortgage-backed securities, leveraged bank loans, and investment-grade corporations. Visit Nexbank.com to know more about James.

Under James Dondero’s direction, Highland Capital Management has offered its institutional and retail investors various award-winning products and services. The company has around $13.5 billion worth of assets under its management and in form of affiliates. Highland Capital Management received the Morningstar’s 5-star in 2014 during the Global Allocation awards. During the same year, the company also received the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities.

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Clinical Pathways Can Now Be Accessed In All the Five Cancer Treatment Centers of America Hospitals

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Basic Information about CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) was founded in the year 1998. It has a board of certified oncologists who have undergone extensive training and have top-notch expertise when it comes to cancer treatments. The cancer experts know about cancers such as breast, colorectal, throat, lung, ovarian, prostate, pancreatic, and others.

CTCA is based on a customized patient-centered approach to cancer treatments. This means that it has tailored a combination of cancer care options suited to the needs of each patient. Other options include genomic testing, personalized medicine, and precision cancer care among others.

Clinical Pathways Platform

CTCA collaborated with NantHealth and Allscripts in early 2016 to create a platform (Clinical Pathways) that will enable cancer specialists to access evidence-based treatment for patients through the integration of Allscripts Sunrise and NantHealth’seviti platform. Clinical Pathways enhances the chemotherapy procedure selection process and in turn, improves the quality of cancer treatment offered by CTCA to its patients. Clinical Pathways provides a variety of treatment options that are frequently updated with new data and cancer treatment research to prevent guesswork. The treatment options created are designed to the CTCA care standard for clients to choose.

Clinical Pathways incorporates the latest cancer treatment procedures, therapies, and cancer research. This allows the cancer experts to design some curated care protocols during care and treatment. It helps to improve the efficiency and quality of cancer treatment and therapeutic selection by being consistent in cancer care.

When the platform is connected, it provides personalized treatment methods suiting an individual patient’s health needs and their current disease condition. Clinical Pathways also has easy computer order entry that is safe and efficient for the patient. It provides supporting clinical information, existing functionality, and access to current response rate, adverse drug side-effects, guidelines and others.

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James Dondero: A Hero of Philanthropy

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James Dondero is the co-founder and Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. from 1993. Highland Capital Management, headquartered out of Dallas, Texas, is an investment advisory firm that is regulated by the SEC. The firm manages $ 18 billion in assets for their clients worldwide. They focus their efforts on credit strategies which include: collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), private equities, credit hedge funds, distressed and special situations, long-term funds and separate accounts. They also offer their clients a variety of alternative investments such as natural resources, emerging markets and short term as well as long term investments. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

He graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.)degree in , Commerce (Accounting and Finance). He also earned certifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Management Accountant (CMA. James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets. He began his illustrious career in 1984

as a financial analyst for Morgan Guaranty as a member of their elite training program. In 1985, James Dondero accepted a position with American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst. In 1989, he was the Chief Investment Officer for the GIV subsidiary of Protective Life. In 1993, he founded co-founded Highland Capital Management with his partner Mark Okada. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

James Dondero is a philanthropist who cares deeply about the community and is actively involved in making a difference in the lives of others. He supports many worthwhile causes, and has donated a substantial amount of money to further educational opportunities and access through nonprofit organizations in Santa Barbara County. In 2011, he founded an charitable organization known as Highland Santa Barbara Foundation Inc., (HSBF Inc.) to fund areas of need within the community such as youth development, education, and veterans support.

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Clay Siegall develops the most innovative form of modern cancer treatment

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Throughout the history of modern cancer treatment, one of the more serious problems that has faced cancer researchers and physicians is the inability to administer significant amounts of chemotherapy agents at any one time to a given patient. This is the direct result of the high degree of cytotoxicity involved in the administration of modern chemotherapy regimens to patients, who are often already in a weakened state, with both compromised immune systems and generally compromised health.

It is for this reason that a longstanding goal of the cancer research industry has long been to find a means of delivering chemotherapeutic agents without the necessity of systemic release throughout the body. It was widely hypothesized, throughout the late 80s, that if it were possible to deliver the same sorts of potent cytotoxins directly to the site of malignant tissues, then it would be possible to dramatically increase both the dosages and effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments.

It was during this time period that one of the most prominent cancer researchers of the last 30 years, Clay Siegall, began developing one of the most innovative forms of cancer treatment that has come along in recent memory. While working as a senior researcher at the pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dr. Siegall was able to first synthesize a class of drugs known as antibody drug conjugates. These drugs use synthetic human antibodies as a means to deliver lethal cytotoxins directly to the surface of malignant tumors, thereby dramatically reducing the collateral damage that is so notoriously associated with traditional chemotherapy regimens.

Working with a team of full-time researchers, Dr. Siegall was able to begin creating unique and unprecedented methods for the artificial synthesis of human antibodies. This included engineering antibodies through the use of live rats. These antibodies would eventually be tweaked through sophisticated molecular engineering techniques, eventually yielding the most hypoallergenic and effective delivery mechanisms for the cytotoxic chemicals to be delivered directly to the site of the tumor.

After working on this new class of drugs for more than seven years, Dr. Siegall eventually decided that he would like to strike out on his own. In 1998, with just a few million dollars in venture capital, he founded the first biotech firm dedicated solely to the production of antibody drug conjugates, Seattle Genetics. Over the next decade, Dr. Siegall grew Seattle Genetics into one of the most prominent research and development firms in the biotech space.

Today, Seattle Genetics is saving thousands of lives every year.

Jorge Moll Concise Research Concluding How Voluntary Actions Benefits Our Health

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Jorge Moll is a scientist and a neuroscientist who has dedicated his life to researching about how the human brain functions to bring about that effect on maintaining our good health, good feeling and a sense of belonging. During his service as the president of D’Or Institute for Research and Education, he has made many discoveries one of them in the year 2015 where he concluded that there is a huge relationship between the art of volunteering and the effect it has on our health. The research revealed that 28% of the people in Brazil participate in some voluntary activities that promote their good health. He goes ahead to encourage people to participate in such activities as their benefits are immense and cannot be ignored. During a previous Christmas, he advised those who felt the need to try out some voluntary activities to participate in charity actions that foster solidarity.

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Taking such actions bring about an inspiring spirit that lifts our soul by offering yourself to strangers by bringing the spirit of wellbeing to our body and mind. A sense of generosity and attitude towards people with an open heart is potentially beneficial to our health according to his research. According to Jorge Moll research, he concluded that people who participated in charity work had as much peace of mind and happiness as people who engaged in leisure activities such as going for a walk, swimming, and any other fun activity. Donating to charities activates the subgenual cortex and the septal area parts of the brain which are associated with bringing about the feeling of belonging to the human body. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

Volunteer actions enable one to focus on a problem when they find out even if they have some issues of their own; they can help others in some way. These enable them to perceive the world in a different way knowing that you made someone happy. The actions motivate you in developing a sense of humor towards others, and you will have the urge to feel good which brings about stress-free feeling that is beneficial to your health. Jorge Moll concludes by advising people to participate in more volunteer activities and that they can take the first step by helping the friends or families who need help in some way. Watch this video on youtube.com.

Michel Terpin Tops His Category at the Sertões Rally

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In August 2017, Paulistas Michel Terpis and Maykel Justo completed a critical stage in the 25th Sertoes Rally edition. The pair, who are members of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team won two of the three phases of the competition in the category of Prototypes T1. Consequently, they are currently at the top of the category accumulated. Besides, they are 4th in the race with a time of 11:45m23s.

The pair suffered a massive blow in the third stage when their car developed mechanical problems and could not be checked until the end of the day. Michel Terpins was forced to slow down and in the event finished at position four in prototype T1 and position ten overall. Terpin has participated in this event ten times. Besides, this is the second year since he started working with Justo.

Michel Terpins currently tops the Brazilian Rally Championship. At the end of the race, he said that when he discovered the car had developed a mechanical problem, he knew the most important thing by then was to complete the race since they were in the lead.

The team covered a distance of about 3,300 km. The car they were using in the race, T-rex, had undergone through modification to make it more powerful and competitive. This paid off as demonstrated in the excellent results the team got.

How He Started His Career

Terpins first participated in the Rally dos Sertoes in 2002 as a motorcyclist. After a few years, he joined his brother Rodrigo Terpins and left the motorcycles for cars. Together, they formed Bull Sertoes Rally Team. In the four years they have been together, they have been using T-Rex from MEM Motorsport. During the 22nd edition of this rally in November 2016, they participated in the category Prototypes T1 and managed to finish at position 7. In the last few years, he has tremendous improvement especially in the Brazilian Rally Championship Country.

Terpins and Jasto first worked together during the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally in March 2017. The duo finished on top in the second stage and position five overall. Terpin admitted that the stage was tough but lucky that they got such a good result.


Cassio Audi Moves From Heavy Metal Drummer To Investment Specialist

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In 1987, Cassio Audi appeared to have the heavy metal world at his feet following the release of Viper’s debut album “Soldiers of Sunrise” and their spot supporting legendary British rockers, Motorhead on their tour of Brazil. However, Cassio Audi made the decision to step away from the burgeoning heavy metal landscape of Brazil to develop a new career as an investment specialist and business leader who played an instrumental role in the development of the Brazilian financial markets for international investors. Follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

Cassio Audi was a teenager when he joined Viper in 1985 and became the drummer for a band which would quickly become one of the most impressive and important in the history of Brazilian heavy metal. Like many Brazilian heavy metal bands of the mid-1980s, Viper rose quickly in the eye of a public desperate for a new form of music made in Brazil but influenced by what was known as the “new wave” of British heavy metal. Cassio Audi was seeking a musical career in the mid-1980s when he took his drumming skills to a number of bands in the Sao Paulo area before deciding to focus his attention on the band formed by brothers Yves and Pit Passarell, Viper.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6Vvxlijt94

After setting out on their journey to success playing small shows in their home city of Sao Paulo in 1985, Cassio Audi and his fellow original members of Viper found themselves playing to vast crowds as the opening act for British metal legends, Motorhead on their 1987 Brazilian tour; a critically acclaimed and commercially successful album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” placed the band on the map for heavy metal fans across the planet. Despite this success and an outlook for continued achievement in the future the drummer hung up his sticks and returned to study in Sao Paulo before becoming one of the most impressive investment specialists in the nation. Read more about Cassio Audi at metal-archives.com.