Bruno Fagali Well-Established Corporate and Financial Lawyer In Sao Paulo

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Bruno Fagali has been one of the most respected names in the legal fraternity of Brazil for many years now. He is the head corporate marketing manager at Novo/SB marketing firm and is also the owner and partner at Fagali Advocacy, a firm he founded.

As a legal practitioner for many years, Bruno Fagali is considered to be an expert in corporate law, compliance law, ethics, regulatory law, financial law, mergers and acquisitions, anti-corruption law, and so on. The expertise of Bruno Fagali in the field of commercial and corporate law is unchallenged, and many large-scale corporations seek the advice of Bruno Fagali on various corporate matters.

Bruno Fagali started Fagali Advocacy with limited capital and in a small space as he didn’t have much financial backing when he first started. However, within just a few years, Bruno Fagali managed to pull his firm up from the bottom to make it one of the top law firms in the country. In Sao Paulo, Bruno Fagali is one of the most respected lawyers and represents not only some of the top corporations, but also some very affluent business families, public figures, and political personalities. Some of the cases that Bruno Fagali has fought in the past have become case studies.


As a modern lawyer, Bruno Fagali also maintains a blog where he writes articles on various subjects. One of the subjects about which Bruno Fagali recently wrote about is the alcohol advertisements. Bruno Fagali says that the court has asked the advertisers to ensure that the alcohol and is not appealing to the audience and must always carry a statutory warning saying that alcohol consumption is not suitable for health. Not following the court orders would lead to the suspension of the advertisement and the advertiser would attract penalties as well.


NYFW Shows Academy of Art University is Heading for the Future

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New York Fashion Week has become the event of the year for the fashion world. The one event where the established fashion designers end up in the same space as the future of the fashion world. All of them showing their wares and their wardrobes and displaying what is happening now and what’s to come. None have been more forward-thinking that the Academy of Art University.

If the name of the University is not familiar with you, it’s certainly known by residents of San Francisco. The Academy of Art University started its life all the way back in 1929 when it was established as the Academy of Advertising Art. These days the academy is the home to more than 12,600 students and has 283 full-time teachers.

Students at the academy learn what they need to do in order to make it in the fashion world. This year, at New York Fashion Week, the academy put on its 21st runway showcase. The runway show ran this past September and was located at the Skylight Clarkson Square. For more than 10 students who are BFA and MFA graduates, it was something to remember as five womenswear and two menswear collections went down the runway.

Since 2005, the Academy of Art University has been participating biannually in the New York Fashion Week. The school uses a private fleet of buses to transport students from their dorms to their classrooms across San Francisco and it culminates in the NYFW showcase where students get to show what they’ve learned.

This year, the students showed a wide range of diversity. Students came from mainland China to the state of Maine in the U.S. The shows at Fashion Week showed off a host of ideas, designs, fabrics, colors and creations that indicate the future of fashion is well in hand at the Academy of Art University.

NGP Van Shares Excellent Tips For Campaign Rallies

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NGP Van is an American company. Their specialty is helping organizations and campaigns meet their goals with technology. The company was the largest provider of software for campaigns in 2009. Their services have been used by Barak Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Their software provides analysis and research necessary for the campaigns.

NGP Van has provided tips to boost a campaign with a rally. It is important to encourage and energize supporters to convert them to campaign volunteers. Press coverage will ensure the message reaches more people and increase name recognition. The timing of a rally is critical and can start the season or increase votes during the final two weeks.

Rallies increase enthusiasm regarding the campaign. They must be well organized to prevent an unenthusiastic response and disorganization. Mistakes can be avoided by planning ahead. The location will hook more attendees and press if it is creative. Good locations recommended by NGP Van include outside a school or a local supporters business. The permits for a public location must be researched, the transit and parking considered and the space must be large enough for the anticipated crowd.

NGP Van recommends a good sound system because it is critical the speaker can be heard clearly. Campaign signs should be passed out and ensure photographs capture the enthusiasm of the voters. The speech should be succinct and convey the most important messages of the campaign. Selected soundbite can be repeated to ensure they sink in. The decision must be made for the best speakers at the rally.

NGP Van understands the importance of advertising and encourages invitations to as many people as possible. Flyers should be printed and passed out by volunteers, tacked on local bulletin boards and distributed to networks. A Facebook event enables contacts to share information with friends and RSVP. Local radio stations should be contacted for on air announcements. A press release should be issued prior to the event so the media is aware. NGP Van recommends including newspapers, radio and television stations and local news blogs. When a rally is enthusiastic the campaign moves closer to a win.


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Top Highlights From Obsidian Energy

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Obsidian Energy specializes in the production of gas and oil. It has invested in high-tech assets and technology that has a capacity of 30,000 boe every day. Obsidian energy argues that investing in the high-tech assets and technology was vital to help the company deliver top-notch results. Moreover, Obsidian is driven by the fact that the industry is rapidly evolving. Hence there is a dire need to gather all the necessary assets needed to keep up with the changing times. Obsidian operates on three core disciplines which are resolute accountability, relentless passion for work, and discipline to all its partners, shareholders, and communities where they operate.


Obsidian Energy, formerly Penn West Petroleum Ltd., on 26th June 2017 changed its former name. The reason for the change was due to the many changes that happened in the company. The numerous changes affected the operations of the business in various dimensions, and that was the core reason for the change of name. The new Obsidian Energy intends to pursue modest expansion for the next three years. The growth will be achieved by working on tight budgets based on the prices of gas and oil. In relation to the change of name resolution, the shareholders voted in favor of the motion with a percentage vote of 92%. See This Article to learn more.


David French, the Chief Executive Officer, explained that the firm chose the name Obsidian because it refers to a natural volcanic glass which can be honed and sharpened. For the past four years, the company had survived huge debts and had an accounting scandal that ended with a legal suit from its investors. However, the company was able to cut the debt tremendously by March 31st of this year. The current debt stands at a net of $384- million in comparison with the end of 2013 debt which was $3billion.Obsidian Energy is focusing on setting the company on foot by focusing on its four core production areas.


Also, Obsidian Energy plans to cut their labor expenses as a strategy to reducing the overall debt. So far, it has reduced its staff from 1400 to 300 within the same time frame. Still, the company has reduced the production levels from 135,000 barrels of oil to 28,000 barrels. Obsidian Energy’s oil fields are located in Alberta, along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest petroleum reserves.



How Elysium Health Implements Advanced Aging Research

Dr. Leonard Guarente is the co-founder of the consumer health company Elysium Health; he is also the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Dr. Guarente has extensively studied sirtuins, a class of proteins that play a key role in regulating metabolic systems in response to stress and aging. His lab discovered that sirtuins require NAD+ to function.

The Study of NAD+

NAD+ is a coenzyme essential to hundreds of biological process, including circadian rhythms, that DNA maintenance, and energy creation. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline naturally and those functions begin to break down. Elysium Health daily supplement Basis is proven to levels of NAD+ safely and sustainably. In a clinical trial, Basis increased levels of NAD+ in humans by an average of 40 percent.

The Basis Supplement

Basis is a supplement that is affordable and easy to take. Basis is meant to be taken long-term, once a day, and a person has a variety of choices when it comes to purchasing this supplement. Basis can be purchased through a a one-year subscription, a six-month, or a monthly subscription.  You can also purchase one bottle of the supplement at a time.


The Chainsmokers New Music

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The Chainsmokers have only been around for about three years, but in that short amount of time they have created a few hits that have topped the charts. They created “Roses,” “Don’t let me down,” “Paris,” “Something just like this,” and “Closer.” They have featured a few popular artists in their songs such as Daya, Halsey, and Coldplay. After hitting it big, Andrew started singing for the group in their hits “Closer,” which featured, Halsey, and their song “Paris.”

Their songs are always made as a reflection of what is going on in the world today and what it is like to live in this generation. Their lyrics are also a lot about romance, and they wanted to twist it up a bit, and bring something new to the table. They wanted to create something slight darker to reflect what our generation is going through right now. The chainsmokers felt that a dark song such as their new hit “Sick Boy” would relate to the tone of the dark generation we are living in today.

They waited a little bit longer to launch this new hit because it is slightly different than the rest of their music. “Sick boy” has a darker feel than their other hits have given off. Their frustration and anger inspired them to write something darker. They wanted to put out a reaction of the life they live, and the changes that have occurred since becoming famous. They feel as if people see them as someone they are not and it’s frustrating.

Their next couple of songs are going to be different. They are going to represent our new generation and the struggles that come with it. They are hoping that people can relate to their new songs in some sort of way.

The New Direction That Alex Pall Wants

There’s a lot that Alex Pall wants to do and he needs to see that the Chainsmokers go in the right direction. Being able to do what he is doing is a great thing but it isn’t easy. He has worked hard to make sure that things go exactly the way that they need to and that he sees the growth he wants to. That isn’t easy to do and it isn’t easy to be but it is very important. Nobody has managed to get as far as he has without trying to do the best that they can do.

The ability to get as far as he has is something to be admired even by those who normally don’t think about this kind of thing. It took some serious determination and talent to get it all going and he wants to keep it up. Not surprising that there are others out there who want to do just the same thing. He’s managed to make this happen because he spends so much of his time focused on trying to grow and advance. It isn’t easy to do and it’s something that will make people realize the true potential of what they can do. Only those who really work hard are going to ever make it this far. His success has already shown that he knows what to do and how to get there.

The people who are behind what the Chainsmokers are doing are their greatest fans. They know better than anybody else what they can do and how they can do it. This is just the beginning of a new era for them and it’s going to bring things that we have never seen before. It’s the start of something that we haven’t seen before and want to see more of. The experiment has paid off and we’re going to see much more of them in the future. Now that we know what they can do the sky is the limit and their potential is so much stronger than it has ever been in the past few years so far.

Jeunesse Products Augment the Lifestyles of Customers in an Advantageous Manner

It’s been eight years since Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse. Their combined interest in empowering the lives of people from all walks of life was the basis for them coming out of retirement to start the company. Their passion revolves around the concept of being able to inspire people to reach higher for living a life that is fulfilling and sustainable.

Randy and Wendy sought out to revolutionize the global online retail industry with products that were convenient, effective and enriching for people of all ethnicities, race, and gender. Jeunesse products have been the catalyst for people to begin to discover new lives or change their lives for the better while discovering missing pieces they weren’t even aware of before.

The motto of Jeunesse is “We Are Generation Young” which is apparent once you discover their products. With the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) created by the company, customers are well-prepared to build the type of program that is unique to their lifestyle and daily routine.

The Y.E.S. system allows customers to choose from nine available products that also have additional categories of their own. The nine products of the Y.E.S. system are designed to:

Among the nine products are supplements that maintain a person’s nutrition system, an anti-aging product, and supplements to bring mental focus which all are widely recognized as starting points for the Y.E.S system. Customers are encouraged to add or adjust the best products that fit their individual lifestyle. However, the before mentioned products include:

Jeunesse has enlisted the finest partners to assure that the ingredients used are safe and extremely beneficial to customers. It is important to Randy and Wendy that all of Jeunesse products are meticulously researched before reaching the consumer. Jeunesse offers customers a spectacular advantage to building an exceptional lifestyle that will be enriching for decades.

The Chainsmokers : A Success Story in Electronic Music

The Chainsmokers began to sing once they became more famous. They went on to succeed with some other major hits, including “Paris”, “Something Just Like This” with Coldplay, the twelve week number one “Closer” with Halsey, and the the Grammy-winning dance song “Don’t Let Me Down”, Which also allowed Daya, an industry success story to spring up almost overnight.

The level of success that Andrew and Alex have had makes it difficult to keep that level of excellence going, because of the pressure to continue to perform. The duo had the pressure to create more than half of a dozen that are a mix of Pop and Electronic Dance Music songs. This could easily be accomplished by the duo. But the duo decided to go into a darker territory, where they will continue to bring their fans along with them. They just launched a new song called “Sick Boy”, which is the beginning of this new phase in the careers of the two Electronic Dance Music artists.

They had not put out a song in nine months, which is a long time for the duo. They usually prefer to put out a song every month, in a an effort to keep the content that is being released current and up to date. Sick Boy is the first chapter of the new era for the Chainsmokers. Although the song is a little bit darker than usual, it reflects the frustration of the duo to prove themselves and deal with the critics of their music, some of which they have never met.

Success is something that comes with getting yourself out there, but the Chainsmokers have also had to deal with criticism from people they do not know. The bottom line is that the new song “Sick Boy” silences the critics.

Ecigs Investments: Something To Look At

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An investment involves placing some initial capital in expectation of more returns in the future. Individuals and firms get involved in various types of investment such as shares, bonds, and asset acquisition. Higher returns result from higher stakes, in other words, the more the risk, the more the gains. Firms are more involved in various investments due to their financial strength and availability of proper management personnel. The investment may not yield any or good returns without appropriate management.

Investment in cigarettes has been on the rise in the past, and various entrepreneurs have come up with different varieties and brands to cater to their customer needs. The advancement in technology has facilitated these investments, which has helped to produce better and quality products for customers. Some scholars have cited customers as the most valuable asset to the organisation and therefore focus on providing goods and services that meet customer needs is a strategic decision which should be a priority.

There are several players in the cigarette making industry. In the recent past, some of the firms have come together and others have being acquired by larger firms mainly to lower the competition in the available markets. O2PUR is one such firm that has laid its focus on producing high-quality cigarettes in their quest to meet customer needs around the world. The company has focused on delivering high-quality products and competitive pricing hence making the products more affordable to customers. Their investment has amazingly got market and the demand for their products has been on the rise in the recent times.

O2PUR has put a lot of focus on the customers and has actively shared information on their various products through various media channels such as Twitter. As a way of giving back to the society, O2PUR has also initiated various online campaigns and promotions where the customers get rewarded. Customers are increasingly becoming informed on the use of multiple products. Ecigs, therefore, got cited as one of the best investment portfolios, and the market for this product is getting bigger by day.