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The Quality Hands of Dr. Jennifer Walden

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in world today. A native of Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden received her medical degree from the University of Texas. Originally when applying, she was wait-listed. Despite this, she went on to finish as salutatorian of her class. Following her graduation, she did her residency at […]

Diversant Principal Executive, John Goullet

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Diversant is a MBE, a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. Diversant is the biggest IT staffing firm in the United States that is African-American Owned. At Diversant they offer direct hire, IT staff augmentation, and diversity solutions. At Diversant they have a set of core values that they believe in. These values include respect for others, […]

How White Shark Media Grew My Business in Weeks

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I didn’t know much about what to do with my website but I knew that I needed one. The first thing I liked about White Shark Media was that they offered a free evaluation of my current marketing strategy. The helpful and friendly employee was great at explaining things in ways that someone not so […]

How Desiree Peres has assisted in building Tidal

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  Tidal is well-recognized music streaming company. The firm has been operational since 2014, and Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) was one of its co-owners. He is currently the majority shareholder of the company and has partnered with renowned artists such as T.I, Kanye West, Rihanna, and his wife, Beyonce. The musicians have also been playing a […]

Qnet Offers Opportunity and Quality

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From energy drinks to watches and unique items, Qnet, an international e-commerce company, has products for every person and need. However, the company is so much more than this. Qnet is an Asian-based opportunity for people to operate their own businesses. In poorer countries like India, this is a life-changing opportunity. With little start-up costs […]

QNet: Multi-Level Marketing Role Model and E-Commerce Giant

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QNet is a multi-level marketing company that deals in consumer goods. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. Since its opening in Hong Kong, Eswaran has taken his company’s expansion globally. QNet branches can be found in other countries such as India, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, […]

Ability of Dan Newlin to Protect Personal Injury Victims

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Anyone who has suffered injury caused by negligence of a hospital medical staff, company, government agency or another person is entitled to compensation. The process of following up on the compensation sometimes is hectic and thus, one requires legal representation. A personal injury lawyer provides immense legal assistance to such people. Some of the injuries […]

Sender, Art Collector/Investor?

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If you look up the word contemporary, it will reveal that the word means currently. However, it may go on to say that it is something current but also popular. It can also denote someone or something that has the same interests, advocacies and professions even. These people are considered contemporaries of one another. However, […]

Dan Newlin has Tried Big Cases and Won

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When someone is looking to hire an attorney who will give them the best help they want to find one who has tried big cases and won them. When someone is trying to find an attorney who is going to help them out they want to look for one who has already found success in […]

Adam Sender Shares His Art Collecting Knowledge With The World

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Prominent contemporary collectors like Adam Sender, are in the game toaccumulate noteworthy art pieces to sustain through many generations. Throughout the years, he has successfully and strategically amassed prestigious paintings from renowned artists like Frank Benson, Mike Kelley, Matthew Barney, Barbara Kruger, and Jim Lambie. Moreover, his distinguished ability to acquire unique works was cultivated […]