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When discussing topics related to men’s health, is hard to not bring up Dr. David Samadi, a medical contributor for Fox News. Dr. David Samadi is a tremendous proponent of men being screened for prostate cancer, especially men over the age 40. Several studies have shown that men over 40 have a higher probability of […]

Mark Mofid: True Professional Care

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It is so important in the professional world to be honest and discreet. Clients and other professionals are looking for the best services from the best people. People deserve this as they most of the time they are paying for services. Highly trained individuals in fields have knowledge that can shouldn’t be used against patients […]

Dr. Mark Holterman’s Career as a Medical Practitioner and Philanthropist

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Mark Holterman is an alumnus of the University of Virginia as well as the Yale University. While at Yale, Dr. Holterman studied and earned his degree in Biology. He went on to earn his MD and PHD at the University of Virginia. Holterman currently teaches at the University of Illinois, College of Medicine. His teaching […]