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How Elysium Health Implements Advanced Aging Research

Yazan: spcblog | 22 March 2018 | No Comments
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Dr. Leonard Guarente is the co-founder of the consumer health company Elysium Health; he is also the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Dr. Guarente has extensively studied sirtuins, a class of proteins that play a key role in regulating metabolic systems in response to stress and […]

Matthew Autterson Is Helping To Lead A Drug Development Company

Yazan: spcblog | 25 February 2018 | No Comments
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Matthew Autterson attended Michigan Stet University and was educated on the topic of finance there. He received a B.A. in Finance when he graduated from that school back in 1980. That was not all of the schooling that this man received, as he moved on to attend the University of Denver. He took part in […]

A Lantern and a Nobel Prize

Yazan: spcblog | 17 October 2014 | 1 Comment
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The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was presented jointly to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura. Together they were credited for their work on the blue light emitting diode. We have had red and green LEDs for some time. What is so special about a blue one that it warrants a Nobel Prize? The […]

Pluto is a Planet, Harvard Scientists Argue

Yazan: spcblog | 08 October 2014 | 1 Comment
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After being identified as a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 2006, Pluto may very well be reconsidered as a fully-fledged planet, as scientists from Harvard questions IAU’s definition of what a planet is in a debate on September 18, 2014. According to the IAU, in order to consider a celestial body […]