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Keeping acidosis in check with Waiakea Water

Yazan: spcblog | 15 May 2018 | No Comments
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The human body requires a well-balanced pH for optimum functioning. Balanced pH levels in the body are also vital at warding off diseases. Acidosis, a condition that results from increased acidity in the body mainly results from poor lifestyles and nutritional habits. Acidosis creates an environment in the body where disease-causing microorganisms thrive. A healthy […]

Give Your Dog a Custom Food Regime for Maximum Health

Yazan: spcblog | 11 December 2015 | Comments Off on Give Your Dog a Custom Food Regime for Maximum Health
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Since 2001 on facebook, Beneful has been providing high value, fair priced dog food to give your loved pet the best nutrition possible. Dog owners know that specific dogs have specific dietary needs, and it’s important to be able to choose from a wide range of options from a reputable dog food supplier. Beneful offers […]

Andy Wirth on Clean Power

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In an op-ed that he wrote, Andy Wirth applauded the move by the council to support clean energy. Speaking a week after the council voted to support this move, he appreciated the fact that it has now joined hands with the private sector companies, and the fact that they are all speaking in one voice, […]

How Beneful Has Changed My Pet

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As a dedicated pet owner, the last twenty years of my life has included one pet or another. My most recent pet, a large and beautiful Siberian Husky named Merric, had a rough start on life. He was not born into the most healthy situation. He was malnourished and looked as if he could never […]

Following the Example of Joseph Bismark toward Peace and Enlightenment in the Business World

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Source: Street Insider In the business sector, corporate executives are usually associated with negative stereotypes, such as being greedy, lacking compassion, having a bad attitude and exhibiting a superior mindset. Even though this may be true for some executives, the reality is this; the world of corporate leaders reflects the real world – some people […]