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Dr. AviWeisfogel has Devised a Very Useful Program in Ridding the General Populace of Obstructive Sleep Apnea:

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Dr. AviWeisfogel: goes the extra-mile. His true professionalism lies in the fact that he shows other healthcare professionals how to properly incorporate a sleep lab into their existing dental practices or healthcare settings. Persons, everywhere, are benefiting from the instruction and insights of Dr. AviWeisfogel. He has literally pioneered a way to provide the Dental […]

USHEALTH Advisors – Is the Advertising Arm of USHEALTH Group

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USHEALTH Group together with its group of organizations gives supplemental, life and specific disease products through their completely-owned subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors. Inside the muddled universe of health scope, the customers are guaranteed of unprecedented buying experience that is bolstered by the guidance of trusted and authorized USHEALTH Advisors operators. All the agents meet specific product […]


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Maggie Hill is the current President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Memorial Health. She is also the Ex-Official Member of Memorial Health Board of Directors. Maggie Gill exhibits excellent caliber in executing her duties. She has received MA Bachelor’s degree with honors from Florida State University. She earned her MBA with honors from Saint […]