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Dr. Mark McKenna, an Entrepreneur and a Surgeon Who Never Quits

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Remembrance is our past and future. To understand who a person is, we need to get some hint of how the person has developed over the years. Recalling their past life is the best mirror to what they will be in the future just as the surrealist film-maker, Luis Bunuel put it,” Our memory is […]

David Zalik

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GreenSky LLC is a financial company that offers instant loans to clients. This firm has been unknown for some extended period until it emerged as the third most valuable financial private company. The company is unknown primarily due to the low profile of its founder, David Zalik. A firm called CB Insights did this ranking. […]

Matthew Autterson Is Helping To Lead A Drug Development Company

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Matthew Autterson attended Michigan Stet University and was educated on the topic of finance there. He received a B.A. in Finance when he graduated from that school back in 1980. That was not all of the schooling that this man received, as he moved on to attend the University of Denver. He took part in […]

Dr. Mark McKenna: Founder of OVME.

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Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and CEO of OVME. As both a certified Doctor and an Entrepreneur, he is able to transform the way people look at and access medical professionals. Dr. Mark McKenna has worked in the Aesthetic Industry for many years. He graduated from Tulane University Medical School and began his career […]

Anthony Petrello: From Rough Beginnings To Philantropist.

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Anthony Petrello is not know to most households, he blends into corporate America. He might be one of the most important people in the US even though he does not give captivating speeches or plaster himself all over the television. He represents part of those who help to craft the way of life in America. […]

The Humble Beginnings of Tony Petrello.

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Tony Petrello, who was ranked as one of the top paid CEOs in the nation and who is the CEO of Nabors Industries, the largest oil and gas drilling company, has very humble beginnings. He started out in the small town of Newark in New Jersey. He came from a middle class family. He worked […]

Powerful Businesswoman Desiree Perez

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Desiree Perez, who is also referred to as Dez Perez, is an experienced and competent entrepreneur who has negotiated many deals for such high profile clients as singers Rihanna and Beyonce, who she arranged the Formation World Tour for in 2016. She has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 2 decades. When it […]

Susan McGalla: Constantly Challenging the Status Quo

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In the recent article on, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership” author Joe Williams talks about the impact that executives like Susan McGalla have on the business world and where there are opportunities for change. While there are more women coming into leadership roles, the author believes that there […]

Clay Siegall: Hype or Truth?

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One of the leading individuals in cancer research is known as Dr. Clay Siegall. This guy is well accomplished thanks to his respectable resume. His heart and soul is poured into every level of his company Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is one of the biggest oncology biotechnology companies in the world, and it produces some […]

How To Safeguard Your Retirement Savings From Greedy Fund Managers

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The Capital Group Companies is a private enterprise that provides investment and financial services to their customers. The Company also gives financial advice to all their clients who want to invest in their equities. All investors who want to get good returns in their retirement time should think of investing with this hedge. Tim Armour […]