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David Mcdonald, OSI Group President: Recap Google News

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David McDonald was born in North West Iowa on a farm where his parents used to live. David went to the Iowa State University where he completed his undergraduate in animal science in 1987. David McDonald received the Outstanding Senior Award of Wallace E. Barron from the same university. After completing his undergraduate, he started […]

David McDonald is an Astute Leader who Exudes Credibility at OSI Group

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Leadership is an instrumental function of any business especially large businesses. Moreover, leadership and management represent two different concepts. However, they have a codependent relationship in which the leader in question must establish a clear vision to complete the company mission. In the case of OSI Group, leadership has been upheld by a visionary president […]

Michael Burwell: New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

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Michael Burwell hired by Willis Towers as New CFO Michael Burwell has more than three decades of experience in finance. He gained this experience working for PWC which is a multinational company. During his tenure with PWC, Michael served in several positions including Head of Global Transformation, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and also […]

Talos Energy: A Leader in Oil and Gas Exploration

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About Talos Energy Talos Energy is a company located in Houston, Texas and it specialises in oil and gas exploration and production. The company was founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan and is run by a team of professionals who have decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. The company‚Äôs bases its exploration […]

Adam Milstein on Anti-Semitism Rise

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Adam Milstein is an author for Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) as well as a philanthropist. He publishes several articles on JNS that focus on Radical Muslims effects.Adam Milstein started as an investor in real estate whereby he manages properties at Hager Pacific Properties. He co-founded a charitable organization named Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation […]

The Hardest Working Man In Hollywood, Ryan Seacrest

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After hosting a radio show in high school, Ryan Seacrest got his career in motion in 1993 hosting an ESPN television show, the Radical Outdoor Challenge, followed by three children’s game shows from 1995-1997. He then appeared on Beverly Hills, 90210 and hosted NBC Saturday Night Movie as well as Ultimate Revenge. In 2002 Ryan’s […]

Matthew Autterson Is Helping To Lead A Drug Development Company

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Matthew Autterson attended Michigan Stet University and was educated on the topic of finance there. He received a B.A. in Finance when he graduated from that school back in 1980. That was not all of the schooling that this man received, as he moved on to attend the University of Denver. He took part in […]

Paul Mampilly History, Career, And Writing About Stocks.

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There may not be anyone more knowledgeable about investing than Paul Mampilly, financial guru and hero of everyday people. With a lot of hands of experience he leads with intelligence and an optimistic spirit. After decades on Wall Street he got tired of the rat race and started helping everyday people get wealthy and pursue […]

Mike Baur Is Helping Tech Startups

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Mike Baur is the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. He had a fine career in the Swiss banking industry. He gave it up in order to work with the startups.   The life of businessman Mike Baur has been very impressive as well as inspiring. He grew up in Freiburg in Switzerland. He has studied […]

George Soros: Politics and the Economy

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George Soros is an 85 year old, Hungarian-born, self-made billionaire. Born in Budapest, he survived both Nazi occupation as well as communist-rule in Hungary during the 1940s. He moved to London where he earned his degree in economics after which he moved to New York City in 1956 and began a career in finance. He […]