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Jason Hope: His Outlook on the IoT for Airlines and Ant-Aging Medicine

Yazan: spcblog | 04 July 2018 | No Comments
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Jason Hope is a futurists, philanthropists, entrepreneur and businessman. He is a technology consultant that is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Hope is considered a technology guru. His insights into the use of technology for the future can rarely be matched. One type of technology that he predicted would go far, is called the internet […]

Talos Energy: A Leader in Oil and Gas Exploration

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About Talos Energy Talos Energy is a company located in Houston, Texas and it specialises in oil and gas exploration and production. The company was founded in 2012 by Timothy Duncan and is run by a team of professionals who have decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. The company‚Äôs bases its exploration […]

Paul Mampilly History, Career, And Writing About Stocks.

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There may not be anyone more knowledgeable about investing than Paul Mampilly, financial guru and hero of everyday people. With a lot of hands of experience he leads with intelligence and an optimistic spirit. After decades on Wall Street he got tired of the rat race and started helping everyday people get wealthy and pursue […]

Dr. Mark McKenna: Founder of OVME.

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Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder and CEO of OVME. As both a certified Doctor and an Entrepreneur, he is able to transform the way people look at and access medical professionals. Dr. Mark McKenna has worked in the Aesthetic Industry for many years. He graduated from Tulane University Medical School and began his career […]

Nick Vertucci – Sharing Real Estate Knowledge

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Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate entrepreneur who established The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Nick was a businessman who was mainly concerned with business dealings prior to venturing into the world of real estate. Success did not come easy for him as he had to toil his way to the top. Nick set […]