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Bruno Fagali Well-Established Corporate and Financial Lawyer In Sao Paulo

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Bruno Fagali has been one of the most respected names in the legal fraternity of Brazil for many years now. He is the head corporate marketing manager at Novo/SB marketing firm and is also the owner and partner at Fagali Advocacy, a firm he founded. As a legal practitioner for many years, Bruno Fagali is […]

Ricardo Tosto,The Most Notable Lawyer

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Among the many lawyers in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto is the most notable figure. This is due to his extensive experience, competence, and professionalism in the legal field. Moreover, he is highly sought after due to his meticulous proficient that he has used in handling top firms legal matters and defending political personalities across Brazil. Ricardo […]

Ricardo Tosto Shares

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Ricardo Tosto Ricardo Tosto is a safety-minded professional who values public security, trust and reliability above all else – whether in the professional world or in the personal world; there is no difference, for safe operations are vital to everything in life. As such, he highly values the importance of regular legislation and consensus efforts […]

Getting Legal Help For Business Litigation

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If you find yourself in a legal battle, you need to get a competent lawyer. Venturing into the realm of laws and lawsuits for the first time can be a very daunting experience. It is absolutely essential to have the right lawyer on your side as you navigate the complex legal process. If you are […]