Charlamagne Tha God On Blackanoia, A Female Future, And His New Narrative


As Charlamagne Tha God turned the corner on 40 years of age, he came to the realization that he needed therapy. Looking at his life, as a radio host on the nationally syndicated “Breakfast Club,”


his countless appearances on MTV2 shows such as Guy Code and Guy Court, and hosting his own show Uncommon Sense, his therapeutic needs make sense. Add to this that he is a father of two (with a third on the way), releasing his second book, and above all, living as a black man in America, and some readers may need therapy simply reading through CTG’s resume.


In a recent interview, Charlamagne addressed his being “blackanoid,” which he defines as “being black and paranoid in America.” He talks about how many of his actions were not based in confidence, but in fear, rational or otherwise. As he looked back on his narrative, he noted that a younger Charlamagne does not quite compare to the man (or Tha God, as it were) of today. In discussing his “new narrative,” he mentioned the #MeToo movement, noting that his future is in fact female, and that he wants the best for his daughters. Click Here for more information.


His anxiety permeates through to the title of his aforementioned second book, entitled Shook Ones: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me (Shook Ones will be available this October). Fans of Geto Boys may recognize the book’s subtitle as the title of one of their songs, the lyrical content of which surrounds anxiety. Despite this anxiety and “blackanoia,” Charlamagne is striving not just for a brighter future, but also a black and female future. By taking care himself and taking the temperature of the American room, Charlamagne tha God seems to have a new lease on life, a new narrative moving forward, and a brighter outlook on his future.


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