The Renowned Technology Entrepreneur: Alex Hern.

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Mr. Hern has been involved in the formation of various technology-based firms for more than a decade now. He was part of the executive for a company known as Inktomi. After a while, the business was acquired by Yahoo. He is one of the pioneers of Yesmail. Before the company was acquired by CMGI, he was a member of its board. The firm expanded its operations and became public after a few years. At the end of 10 months after the Initial Public Offer, the firm was estimated to have a value of about $650 million. He was also the brain behind Military Commercial Technologies with the help of a few colleagues. At the company, he acted as its Chief Executive Officer. One of his main achievements is the creation of a technology firm called Tsunami. The company specializes in the development of software applications. According to Alex Hern, technology has the potential to revolutionize the world. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

The applications are meant to improve the organizational effectiveness by increasing the uptime of industrial equipment and facilitating the training and safety of the employees. Alex Hern has helped in the development of solutions for global problems through applications. The innovations have gained prominence in many corporations. Some of them are used by firms to enhance the security of their facilities. By use of the applications, the management of the company’s operations becomes easy. The growth of Tsunami can be attributed to the team of leaders that has provided the right direction for the company’s operations. The main focus of the management has been to transform it into a global leader in the development of applications that solve global challenges. The main areas of specializations of the firm include digital media, security, mobility, and communication. The company has earned global recognition for its innovative solutions and quality services to the clients. Visit to know more.


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