Chris Villanueva Making it Big in Dentistry

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Immediately after graduating from the dental college, it was clear to Chris Villanueva that he had two options. To either venture into private practice or join the already large group practices. Both opportunities would guarantee him career experience, but he had to choose. Both options fascinated him. He had often conceived the concept of having a bit of both private practice and the large group practice. This idea blossomed to MB2 Dentals. One thing that has made MB2 Dental unique and successful is its great leadership. As a person, Mr. Villanueva has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the corporate dentistry practice as well as the sole practice. When the company was beginning, Villanueva knew what was expected of him as a professional.

One thing that was and has remained clear to Chris Villanueva is the fact that a dental practice requires an assistant. Since its inception, MB2 Dental has extended its hand to over 70 affiliated locations, all distributed across six states. The organization has also provided job opportunities to more than 533 individuals. The top leadership of this company led by Chris intends to continue with this kind of excellence even in the days to come. In many dental management networks, the dental practices are typically the same. This is the more reason as to why Chris Villanueva opted to bring something new into the industry. His focus is on seeing proper dental practice rather than making huge profit margins. MB2 Dental intends to see to it that dentists better their world in a way that prioritizes the wellness of the patients.

According to Chris, leadership can be overwhelming. He says that most chief executive officers and presidents of corporations fail because they tend to micromanage their employees. He says that by hiring the right people, one is guaranteed that they will perform well if they are kept inspired. To the far he has come, it is indeed evident that Chris Villanueva is successful. The main reason as to why he brings all his ideas to reality is because he tends to hang out and work with smart people. He firmly believes that people are better off together. When it comes to technology, Mr. Villanueva is fascinated by what it can do to change the world. He believes that once institutions such as his embraces technology, patients will be the ultimate winners. To be a successful entrepreneur, Chris encourages people to establish what their business is built upon.


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