Remarkable Contributions Of Robert Ivy At AIA

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Robert Ivy happens to be the executive V. president and the CEO of the famous American Institute of Professionals and has been respected for his impressive managerial skills. He has been on the frontline working towards success and is always motivated by passion and also driven to move the world of architects to the next level. He is one great gem in the industry who have passionately worked towards nothing less but career success. The AIA network has over 250 chapters. It has also been respected for its remarkable contributions to the world of achievements.

The great Robert Ivy has been able to promote the Institute to greatness and has been able to get more than 90,000 members all of whom are great architects in the industry. The professionals can dedicate their lives towards improving and bringing more ideas in the already built environment. He has been able to strengthen the Association through public outreach, advocacy and also great education initiatives. This alone has been able to help members manage to serve their clients and also the community at large.

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The architect has been able to transform AIA to greatness since he took over in 2011. The journey has been very smooth, and he has always been so optimistic about success. Serving the architecture profession in this century calls for a person who is dedicated to career growth and also a victory. He has been able to reposition AIA towards responsive, influential and a very proactive organization in future. He is very strategic in his mission and has always endeavored to success in his career.

As CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy has been able to record signature achievements and progress in his career. He has been able to streamline the Association’s governance in such a way that it can serve its legitimate purpose. He has focused on digital technology infrastructure, improving decision making and also launching public awareness campaigns. People have trusted the architectural field for its efforts in designing unique structures that fit in the industry and has always been dedicated towards career success. The industry is dominated by people who are doing so well regarding innovation, and he has always volunteered all his time for the sake of career growth.



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