Luiz Carlos Trabuco Works His Way to Presidency

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Amador Agular founded one of the largest banks in Brazil in 1943. Today it is known as Banco Bradesco SA and has sustained logical executive order and presidency over many years. Luiz Carlos Trabuco started as a bank teller back in 1969. He quickly moved through the ranks holding a variety of positions including the chief executive officer in 2009, and now he is the president of the company. Learn more about Luis Carlos Trabuco at

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was head of the insurance segment and responsible for growing the market from 23% to a quarter of the market. Expanding the market was a significant victory considering Brazil is a highly populated country and accomplishing something of that nature would usually be difficult. Trabuco has been instrumental in directing many marketing ventures for Bradesco. He was essential in signing the marketing action known as Christmas Tree of Lagoa which is still endorsed by the bank to this day. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a graduate degree in sociopsychology but is one of the best known and highest-paid executives in Brazilian banking.


Since becoming president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has implemented a series of changes that he hopes will enhance the trajectory of the company. He is working to unify the company by sitting down with significant executives from each sector and ensuring they understand their roles for a smooth operation. He is also looking for talent that has never worked with the company to collect new ideas.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco may be doing things slightly different from his predecessors, but he is sure to make a lasting impression. He is a trustworthy candidate for running the company and has been in the running long before actually assuming the position. Trabuco has shown his commitment to Bradesco over the years and is now ready to put it into action. Read this article at



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