Alex Pall Giving a Beautiful Show


Alex Pall and Drew Taggart agreed to sit down with Mathias Rosenzweig for Andy Warhol’ Interview Magazine. The interview revolved around how Taggart and Pall first started together and their regular working method when they are in the studio.

Live Show and Visuals

As far as working with the choreography of music and sound and lights this is something that has become very important to an artist as well as the fan, but as Pall mentions the show is “forever changing.” Each element is essential, and if a component of the show is given more attention than another, then you lose the balance. The fans come to be entertained, so the message is most important. That is why it is important that each show has to change. People change and the way an artist reaches the fans is to express how they experience the world as the fans do, but that is a challenge.

A New and Exciting Show

It is always the responsibility of the artist to give the fans a show that is “new and

exciting.” Fans will sometimes travel hundreds of miles or even cross the ocean to attend a performance and they want something that is memorable. It has to be “obvious” to them that you’ve prepared something special for their enjoyment.

Changing Things Up

It is important, says Alex Pall, that they don’t deliver the same things to the fans so that it becomes predictable. The same things could be the same set of songs or the same routine.

Stepping Back

Sometimes a band will get tired of doing the same thing over and over again and they go off and step back from the road. The big artist set the tone for new shows. You notice how they handle the pressure of the road and sometimes they decide to sit out a couple of years.


The Chainsmokers see themselves as performers an that has always been a main element of their show. Your words and music are always telling a story and as performers they make it live for the fans.


The Chainsmokers are always engaging with their audiences throughout the world and that means changing the way they present themselves to different fans wherever they are. they love performing and making their shows come alive.

The Chainsmokers

They began in 2012 and in a few short years have reached new heights in their song releases. Their first LP Memories…Do Not Open has reached #1 on the Billboard 200.


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