Eric Lefkofsky And His Journey To Become Successful.

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Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman from America who has been at the forefront of the business environment to create new developments. He has founded many organizations which include Tempus, Echo Global Logistics, Groupon and Lightbank which is a venture capital firm based in Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky was raised in Michigan where he came from a Jewish family.

He went to the University of Michigan where he got a first class honors, and he decided to further his studies where he joined the Law School in the University of Michigan. After he completed his education, he received Juris Doctor. After he finished his course on law, he partnered with his college friend, Brad Keywell and they borrowed some money from their relatives. They got the required amount and decided to buy Brandon Apparel which was a clothing company located in Madison. Later Eric Lefkofsky with his partner Keywell came up with an internet company which primarily dealt with internet products.

Their new business venture overgrew and within no time they sold it to Halo Industries. Later in 2001, Lefkofsky came up with a new company called InnerWorkings which offered print and procurement services mainly for medium-size companies. The company developed and eventually it had an Initial Public Offering. A few years later, Lefkofsky and Keywell created Echo Global Logistics which was a freight logistics company. They were able to get financing for their new venture, and this saw rapid growth for the company. Lefkofsky came up with another online platform called which later changed its name to

The company experienced tremendous growth, and Lefkofsky became the CEO of Groupon in 2013. He then stepped down as Chief Executive Officer to become Chairman of the company. During the period, he also co-founded Tempus which was a technology company formed to deal with the care of cancer patients.

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