“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” A New Novel Met with Controversy

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” By Sean Penn was recently released to the public and has been met with some controversy. This novel is the first one written and published by Sean Penn. The former actor has decided to take on a new hat as an author. He expressed in a recent Rolling Stone interview that he greatly enjoys his new role. In the same interview, he states that he is no longer alone was acting and is currently enjoying working on creative projects that require less collaborative effort. The novel is written in a style that many people take exception to. The style has been criticized as difficult to read. However, it is a style that will resonate with many people as it has been compared to the works of Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon. The novel was originally released as an audiobook in 2016 and was later released as a book. This unconventional release method was primarily due to the fact that Sean Penn hopes to get the novel out before the election.

The novel seems to take a lot of chances this is addressed by Penn as his choice to express himself. He believes that at his age it is not worth worrying about how a novel be received it’s more important that he gets written and expresses what he intends to express. He also understands that many people will not like the novel and he expects that. Sean Penn recognizes that many people will not appreciate the style or the message of the book but he hopes that many people will appreciate it.


The book centers on the main character who is of middle age. The character is hopelessly unhappy and feels isolated from society. He works a collection of part-time jobs in order to sustain himself. The most controversial of these jobs is his time spent as an assassin of old people. In this role, he chooses to use a mallet to end his victim’s lives. Throughout the adventure of the main character his perspective on world events is unveiled to the audience. A major source of it controversy is that people believe that this characters perspectives are those of Sean patents.


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