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Jacob Gottlieb, the son of Max and Hellen who are polished immigrants, was born in Brooklyn New York. With his father as a professor in Economics and his mother a pediatrician, Jacob developed an interest in both Economics and Healthcare which guided his education and professional pursuits. Jacob’s father set him up with his own investment trading account after winning a stock selection contest at school as a way nurturing his talent. He went to Brown University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Doctor of Medicine from NYU Medical School. He later pursued a finance career and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Jacob started his trading career as by side analyst covering global healthcare with Sanford C. Berstein & Co in 1998. He later left Sanford and joined Merlin Biomed Group as a healthcare Portfolio manager. Jacob later became a top earner after he joined Balyasny Asset Management which he later left to start Visium in 2005. Jacob continues to serve Visium as managing partner and Chief Investment Officer and has greatly helped build the company since its establishment in 2005.

Aside from being an investor, Jacob also works with the nonprofit Covenant House, the math for America and the poverty-fighting charity Robin Hood in New York. Covenant House was founded in the 1970’s and mainly focuses on helping the homeless youth. The organization in an international organization and it focuses on providing shelter, food and basic support. The organization also continues to offer services that include; healthcare, drug abuse treatment, educational support, mental health services, mother/child program, street outreach, aftercare among other services.

The organization has over the years grown serving over twenty cities in the US, Canada, and Central America and is currently the largest privately funded agency. Covenant house is also on the front of fighting Human trafficking in the US. The organization is the largest anti-trafficking coalition and acts as a powerful voice for funding and services. According to the organization’s research, the human traffickers target the homeless street kids, and this has therefore led to covenant house being the refuge home for the kids.

They offer care to the affected kids ensures that they can access good healthcare, education, food, shelter and all the services provided at covenant house. The organization also researches the kind of human trafficking the victims undergo, and they are therefore able to handle each case according as they also advocate for the rights of this individuals.



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