David McDonald’s Leadership at OSI Group

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David McDonald is the current President and the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. Prior to becoming the COO of OSI Group, Mr. McDonald was a Project Manager at the company in Aurora, Illinois. He is also the chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. Since 2008, he has been the director of Mafrig Global Foods. He serves on the board of directors of OSI Group and he is also the managing director of OSI International Foods situated in Australia. David McDonald attended Iowa State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He graduated in 1987 and began his career with OSI Group where he worked hard and rose up the ranks to becoming the president and chief operating officer of the multinational food company. David is married to Malinda and together, they have six children.

David McDonald will be featured as a speaker during the Swine Day event scheduled for June 28. The event occur at the Iowa State University. The event will present producers with the opportunity of learning from established producers like David McDonald and Dave Price among other influential producers. Mr. McDonald will be speaking about the future of the food industry in the world. During the event, the president of Jeff Ansell and Associates, Jeff Ansell, will open the event with a colorful presentation called “When the headline is you.”

OSI International Foods recently completed a merger deal with Turo Foods and the two food processing companies will be now operating in Australia as Turosi Pty Ltd. Both OSI andTuro believe that the co-ownership will enable the two organizations to share their experiences and expertise in coming up with a world-class food company in Australia. Turi Foods is located in Thomastown, Victoria where it many food processing plants. The firm is one of the leading suppliers of food products to supermarkets, butcher shops, roast chicken shops, and fast food restaurants in the state of Victoria and Australia as a whole.

OSI International Foods Australia on the other hand is a leading supplier of food products to restaurants and retail markets in Asia. The Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, David McDonald believes that the merger will build a reputation for itself and attract many customers in the region. OSI Group is the parent company of OSI International Foods situated in Australia. The two companies will operate mostly in the state of Victoria.

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