Jay Z Treats OG Juan To Incredible Birthday Bash

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Juan “OG” Perez, also known as “OG Juan,” received quite the birthday celebration. About $113,000 was spent to honor OG Juan on his B-day. $9,000 alone went towards drinks for the birthday entourage. Roughly $13,000 covered the costs for dinner. All those who took part in the birthday festivities certainly were treated right. No expense seems to have been spared. OG Juan and friends can count themselves lucky for being close to a big-spending benefactor. Jay Z covered the full six-figure tab.

Jay Z, of course, earned a massive fortune thanks to his wildly successful hip-hop career. Spending $113,000 won’t likely set his finances back too much. Jay Z’s quarterly music residuals alone probably far top birthday bash fees.

OG Juan may receive a bit more attention from Jay Z than others associated with the hip-hop star. OG Juan and Jay Z go back a long time. OG Juan is more than a friend of Jay Z. The two formed a business partnership in the form of Roc Nation Sports. The birthday celebration may cover thanks for both personal and professional support over the years. In addition to the birthday honors, OG Juan received numerous mentions in Jay Z songs. That shows how close the two are. Jay Z’s paying off a more than $90,000 bar tab pretty much proves they maintain a tight relationship. The bar tab included around 40 bottles of champagne. More than a little bit of expensive D’USSÉ cognac was ordered as well. So, it is safe to say everyone had a grand old time that night.

Ironically, Jay Z owns the cognac and champagne brands he purchased. The hip-hop mogul made the news for his purchase, which means he could end up with tons of free advertising. Even with the cost of the tab, he gets a great discount on the publicity. And OG Juan gets to enjoy a fun night on the town with old friends.

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