Mina Ebrahimi – altruism besides food hosting

It is rightly said that there shall be absolutely no occasion to eat food and enjoy some memorable moments with friends and family. Whether it is a soccer match or major league baseball tournament, there shall be no scarcity of reasons to enjoy the food. Mina Ebrahimi, the founder of Saint Germain Catering says that if there is a major event like the Olympics, you do not need to be present at the events to enjoy the games. You could have complete fun in the comfort of your living area while enjoying different types of cuisines. She mentions that since Olympics is an international event, you could enjoy cuisines from the countries which are actually competing that day. Some of her suggestions include:

This list goes on and if you are looking to organize an event and hand over the food part to caterers, then do not hesitate to contact Saint Germain Catering. They would organize everything to you get to enjoy the best food while having fun memories with your friends and family.

Apart from the above, Ms. Ebrahimi is also involved in supporting Mammary Tumor Program at the University of Pennsylvania where she has developed an excellent rapport with doctors from the oncology department. Through her program, she was able to bring a positive transformation in a lot of women who have been victims of the carcinogenic disease. With the 4th year of her involvement in the program, she comments how the doctors are doing a tireless job to save more lives every day. Besides being a great entrepreneur, her philanthropic side is applauded by everyone who knows her and everyone who studies about her which actually makes her a rarity.



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