OSI Group Builds on a Rich History With Sustainable Growth

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Innovation has been one key feature of the exceptional food processor called OSI Group. They are a thoroughly modern company focused on responsible growth with strong sustainability programs in place. Their breadth of resources helps power their penchant for cultivating key partnerships. They are global in scope and utilize an entrepreneurial spirit to provide excellence for their customers. Their interesting history dates back many decades and shows the foundation for future success.

The company that became OSI Group got its start in 1909 when it was founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. He had recently arrived in America and opened up a corner butcher shop and meat market. He enjoyed success as a trusted part of the community serving local residents. His business expanded into wholesale meats after World War I and his sons also joined the company. They were called Otto & Sons and flourished for decades as a successful family business.

Things changed dramatically for Otto & Sons when they struck up a partnership with Ray Kroc. He was scouting locations for the first McDonald’s franchise and chose Des Plaines, Illinois. Otto & Sons became the meat supplier for this restaurant and they sealed the deal with a handshake. Together both family companies grew rapidly and became a unique part of Amerian business history. This key relationship continues to this day and has thrived for decades.

The innovative use of flash freezing technology paved the way for Otto & Sons to supply burgers to the most distant of McDonald’s franchises. The continued growth of best customer also led to a new plant that was dedicated entirely to the Golden Arches. This occurred in 1973 and enabled both companies to prosper like never before.

Sheldon Lavin had a strong background in financial matters especially in banking and investing. He helped Otto & Sons secure necessary financing for expansion and eventually became a partner. He became their catalyst for global expansion as he recognized the special opportunities that the key partnership with McDonald’s had taught them.

The company changed their name in 1975 and became OSI Group which better revealed the international nature of their business. It also honored the original family and their successful decades of operation. Sheldon Lavin went on to acquire OSI Group and led them to unprecedented heights of growth as their CEO. Today, OSI Group is known as innovators and experts in responsible growth with sustainable practices as their cornerstone.



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