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Celebrating the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

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This year, the US reserve has released a set of gold coins in commemoration of the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’ coronation in 1953. This gold coin set comes with a total of 3 coins. One 2oz gold coin, one 1/4oz gold coin, and one 1oz silver coin. Read more: US Money Reserve | […]

Jay Z Treats OG Juan To Incredible Birthday Bash

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Juan “OG” Perez, also known as “OG Juan,” received quite the birthday celebration. About $113,000 was spent to honor OG Juan on his B-day. $9,000 alone went towards drinks for the birthday entourage. Roughly $13,000 covered the costs for dinner. All those who took part in the birthday festivities certainly were treated right. No expense […]

Mina Ebrahimi – altruism besides food hosting

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It is rightly said that there shall be absolutely no occasion to eat food and enjoy some memorable moments with friends and family. Whether it is a soccer match or major league baseball tournament, there shall be no scarcity of reasons to enjoy the food. Mina Ebrahimi, the founder of Saint Germain Catering says that […]

The Success of Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group is a leading global investment manager that deals with the diversification of assets approximately $43.6 billion as of December 2017. The organization was founded back in 1998 and as result, it manages assets for more than 1750 institutions clients as well as individual investors. For instance some of the strategies that the […]

Dr. Saad Saad Comes Up With Solution for Catheters

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Dr. Saad Saad is a well known doctor who has had the opportunity to serve the royal family in Saudi Arabia. He is known for many things, but he is best known for his life saving inventions. In an article in Medical Daily Times, some of the top inventions of Dr. Saad Saad were highlighted […]

OSI Group Builds on a Rich History With Sustainable Growth

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Categories: Food Business, OSI Group

Innovation has been one key feature of the exceptional food processor called OSI Group. They are a thoroughly modern company focused on responsible growth with strong sustainability programs in place. Their breadth of resources helps power their penchant for cultivating key partnerships. They are global in scope and utilize an entrepreneurial spirit to provide excellence […]

Eric Lefkofsky – Entrepreneur – Philanthropist – Champion Of Cancer Research

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Categories: Cancer, Doctor

There are a number of companies around the world making an impact in the world of cancer care. Tempus is one such company. The company is presently building a library, the world’s largest, which will house clinical and molecular data. Its operating system will make that data accessible to help enable physicians to offer advanced […]

Ricardo Tosto Positive Impact in Brazil

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Categories: Financial Institution, Financial Services

Brazil is a dynamic country that is continuously changing. Over the past few years, millions of people have moved to Brazil in search of a better life. Ricardo Tosto is a business owner in Brazil who helps people with various legal problems. During his life, he has helped hundreds of people with different legal issues. […]

David Mcdonald, OSI Group President: Recap Google News

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David McDonald was born in North West Iowa on a farm where his parents used to live. David went to the Iowa State University where he completed his undergraduate in animal science in 1987. David McDonald received the Outstanding Senior Award of Wallace E. Barron from the same university. After completing his undergraduate, he started […]

Peter Briger Career Path That Led To Him Joining Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger has been able to build the career reputation that he has now and with that is because from the beginning one thing that he had as a goal is the vision of where he was going in life. In the education path, he started at Princeton getting a degree, and that did not […]