David McDonald is an Astute Leader who Exudes Credibility at OSI Group

Leadership is an instrumental function of any business especially large businesses. Moreover, leadership and management represent two different concepts. However, they have a codependent relationship in which the leader in question must establish a clear vision to complete the company mission. In the case of OSI Group, leadership has been upheld by a visionary president who impacts the organization positively. His name is Dave McDonald has been the president of OSI Group since its inception. Some of the leadership traits that define him include open-mindedness, flexibility, resilience, and dedication. With these traits, Dave McDonald has succeeded in implementing successful working strategies for the employees of OSI Group.

Early Life

Dave McDonald was raised in Iowa. He was very close to his father who worked as an agriculturalist. Therefore, at a tender age, he developed the passion for farming. Bearing that he had dreams to nurture, he focused on the viability of his dreams by joining the Iowa University. Because he initially had specific interests for farming, he decided to major in animal science. Consequently passing with honors and graduating from school, he was awarded the Wallace E. Barron for bachelor’s degree in the same field of study. Luckily for him, landing a job was not an issue as within the graduation period, he managed to land an employment opportunity at OSI Industries in Chicago. Shortly after, he was trusted with the presidency; a role he still upholds until now.

Contribution to the Company

Since his appointment, Dave McDonald has been working with various leaders within the company to implement viable strategies that would grow the firm’s client base. Moreover, he has always chaired major transactions that incorporate acquisitions with the hope of growing the manufacturing capacity of the firm. Other than that, he has cultivated instrumental cultures that focus on developing the working conditions of employees.

The Major Acquisitions

OSI Group is a leading food provider for meat-based products. Over the years, it has acquired major food manufacturing facilities with the sole intention of growing the company into an international food provider. For starters, in 2016, the company acquired Baho Food. This Dutch-based manufacturer of snacks and delis supplemented some of OSI Group’s resources. Therefore, it as an added advantage to the firm; to which, Dave McDonald said that it was a bold step towards global expansion.

The Conclusion

Over and above, Dave McDonald is an instrumental leader who upholds the values and ethics of the organization. Moreover, he has majorly contributed to other global expansions like the acquisition of Tyson Food.

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