Achievements Of Gregory Aziz And National Steel Car

1Gregory J Aziz is the President, Chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. This is a global railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing firm that is reputed and leading in the market. National Steel Car Company is situated in Hamilton, Ontario. However, Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949 in London where he was raised up and attended Ridley College for his education and enrolled to University of Western Ontario and earned his economics degree. He worked at his family business of Affiliated Foods, and it grew to an extent it was the world importer company for fresh foods. It was the most preferred in the market for fresh foods as the primary supplier.


1Greg James Aziz has worked with several banks on investment banking services and gained considerable experience on how to run and operate business enterprises smoothly, and that is when he decided to buy National Steel Car. National Steel Car by then was a Canadian company, and James Aziz wanted to transform it to be the leading company in North America. The dream of Greg was valid since he was able to improve the manufacturing production of the company. After purchase, the company was able to manufacture 12,000 cars from its initial production range of 3,500 cars. This was an enormous impact on the economy since the employment increased from 600 staff members to about 3,000 since the need for more and better serv8ces was in high demand.


Currently, it is known that the National Steel Car is at the peak in the manufacturing of new model of cars in the market. Most of its investments are focused on innovation, and thousands of cars with different models are manufactured to match the taste and preferences of the clients. This company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and it has that honor for over 18 years; moreover, it has been having the TTX SECO honor since 1996 for ensuring high quality in its manufacturing of railroads freight cars.


Importantly, James ensures proper leadership for National Steel Car even through providing support to the community of Hamilton. In this regard, the company provides sponsorship to various programs such as the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, and many more philanthropic initiatives. James ensures that there is unity for all the employees both past and current staff members by inviting them to a National Steel Car Christmas Party so that they can have interactive sessions and learn from one another.


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