Spend Twenty-One Hours Inside The Mind Of Shervin Pishevar

Anyone who has ever wished to spend twenty-one hours inside the mind of an interesting voice on economic issues needs to listen to Shervin Pishevar. He is someone who has made his way up the economic ladder by being a wise investor in earlier years. He put money into Uber long before it was a household name. He has since made a lot of money off of that investment. Now, people frequently turn to Shervin Pishevar for his opinions about the state of the economic picture in the world.

Right now Shervin Pishevar believes that the world faces some incredibly serious challenges. He would encourage everyone to take those challenges seriously. That is to say that he believes that all of this cheerleading about the state of the economy is actually quite dangerous in a sense. It is his belief that the economy is not in as good of shape as people are led to believe. Instead, he thinks that there is a chance that a drop in the economy could come in the very near future.

Shervin Pishevar believes that the stock market is about to decline by approximately twenty percent or more. He thinks that other assets such as Bitcoin could have similar or even steeper drops as well. These are things that he has been trying to warn people about for some time. He feels that a lot of the press is missing the story as it were in relation to how the economy is running in comparison to how it is thought to be working.

It is not time to panic and pull your hair out, but you should definitely consider prospectives that are different from the diet that the mass media has been feeding you this whole time. They seem to be missing so much of the point right now that it is not even funny.

Consider your sources and figure out what you can do about protecting yourself from falling into the trap of believing that the market is never going to fall or falter at all. You might just discover that you have been wrong about it all along.



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