Michael Burwell: New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell hired by Willis Towers as New CFO

Michael Burwell has more than three decades of experience in finance. He gained this experience working for PWC which is a multinational company. During his tenure with PWC, Michael served in several positions including Head of Global Transformation, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and also Head of Transaction Services in the U.S branch. His experience in the financial field extends to auditing where he has accumulated experience of 11 years. He also has 12 years of transaction services consulting experience. With such an impressive portfolio, it was no wonder that the CEO of Willis Towers thought he was the best candidate for the Chief Financial Officer position. Before becoming the new CFO, the position was previously held by Roger Millay who retired in October 2017.


According to John Haley, the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers, Michael Burwell will be a great addition to the company. Roger Millay left a good legacy with the company. Finding a new CFO who would do a better job than the incumbent CFO was a daunting task. However, the management of Willis Towers believes that their choice to hire Michael was a well-advised decision. Michael Burwell is also excited to join Watson Towers and is looking forward to making a positive financial contribution to the company and make it stand out in the market. Go To This Page to learn more.


About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell has a degree in Business Administration from the Michigan State University. Apart from his degree, Michael is also a certified public accountant. He has served in several positions including the Trustees and Treasurer where he was in the company’s board. He was also a board member in the Mortgage Brokers Institute. He worked in the Gymno Corporation where he served as the company’s director.


Michael was also the Secretary and Treasurer of A & B Financial Services. His career has revolved around finances and helping companies achieve their financial goals. There is a common saying that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Michael lives by this motto. He, therefore, ensures that he balances his work life and social life. One of his favorite pass time activities is riding. It is during this time that he has a chance to meditate about his day’s schedule.


Michael Burwell believes in the power of positive thinking. His greatest weapon in life has been to ignore people who try to tell him that he cannot make it.




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