David McDonald plays prominent roles in ensuring sustainability at OSI Group

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OSI Group has managed to maintain the lead as the premier producers and distributors of value-added proteins and other assorted food products to more than seventeen countries across the world. Rising to the top position wasn’t easy for OSI Group. What fascinates many people is how the company has managed to remain at the top of the American food industry for over a century.

A look at Otto & Sons in the 1900s

Just like many other multinational companies, OSI Group started out as a small food outlet in Chicago, mainly supplying fresh meat to the locals. The small Chicago-based butcher shop attracted more customers and consequently increased their supplies to cater for the growing demand.

However, the Otto & Sons Company got a breakthrough when it was contracted by the McDonalds to supply meat and other products to their outlets in Chicago and several other States in the U.S. Otto & Sons was again forced to expand their production capacity to cater for the bigger market.

What catapulted OSI Group to the top position?

Since its inception in the 1900s, OSI Group has had a great appetite for growth. Throughout the years, the company has always been keen to spot new market opportunities and grab them immediately as they pop up. The main reason for OSI’s growth is having great and visionary leadership, right from the founder of the company.

David McDonald, the president of OSI Group

Much of OSI Group’s massive growth has happened in the last three decades. Coincidentally, this is the time the current president of OSI Group, David McDonald joined the company. David McDonald joined OSI Group in the early 1990s where he was given the role of a project manager. David successfully completed all the company’s projects in time, leaving an impressive track record. This way, he earned his way to the executive level of the company by becoming the Group’s president.

Majority of David McDonald’s success can be attributed to the expansion of OSI Group to international markets such as India, Europe, and China. During his tenure, OSI Group has received numerous awards, making it the largest privately owned food processing and distributing company in the U.S.

David McDonald’s background

Dave McDonalds hails from farms of Lowa. He studied at Lowa State University where he earned a degree in Animal science in 1987. Besides his leadership roles at OSI Group, David also plays prominent roles at the North American Meat Institute.

David McDonald OSI Group info: inspirery.com/david-mcdonald/


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