Adam Milstein on Anti-Semitism Rise

Adam Milstein is an author for Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) as well as a philanthropist. He publishes several articles on JNS that focus on Radical Muslims effects.Adam Milstein started as an investor in real estate whereby he manages properties at Hager Pacific Properties. He co-founded a charitable organization named Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with an objective of strengthening Jewish people. The organization also aims at enhancing Israel relationship with the United States. Besides writing skills, he holds a B. S in business and economics and M.B.A.

Recently, Adam Milstein published an article concerning the rise of anti-Semitism which captured the attention of most readers. In the recent past, radical Muslims group has been threatening lives of most Christians in Israel and other parts of the world. Additionally, Radical Muslims focus on destroying Jewish homeland. He further states that hate, racism, and chauvinism are the main philosophies resulting in the current anti-Semitism. In his article, Adam Milstein says that Christianity religion is focusing on fighting against the stated notions because they are strong. Moreover, he indicates that Israel is viewed as a country which significantly targets Muslims.

His article also brings out the hypocrisy of radicals left. Precisely, he points out how Linda Sarsour organized the Women’s March, and on the other hand, she expressed gratitude to Siraj Wajjah who secretly aided in the bombing of the World Trade Center. Secondly, he discusses other events held in Chicago which brings out hypocrisy. One is the Chicago Dyke March that had an objective of celebrating the LGBT community but banished two people for having David’s Stars on their flags. The Chicago event of SlutWalk Chicago meant to oppose and condemn sexual assault did not allow Zionists to participate. The event encouraged the walkers to listen to Rasmea Odeh’s speech, a Palestinian terrorist convicted of murdering Jewish students.

According to Milstein, the loyalty between radical lefts and radical Muslims developed in the 1970s during the Iranian revolution. During this revolution, the two groups supported Ayatollah Khomeini to overthrow shah.


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