End Citizens United Endorses Torres Small For Congress

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Xochitl Torres Small was endorsed by End Citizens United to run for Congress in the 2end Congressional District of New Mexico. Mr Torres Small is committed to bringing reforms to what he terms as a rigged system in Washington. Torres Small has shown support for legislation such as the DISCLOSE Act and the Government by The People Act in a bid to increase accountability and transparency in the American electoral system. The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, has repeatedly said that mega-donors and special interest groups have for a long time dominated the political conversation in Washington. Muller added that these groups that donate millions of dollars in every election cycle have had a tight grip on too many legislators in the halls of Washington.

Tiffany said that these lobbyists were leaving the residents of New Mexico trailing behind other states. The mega-donors were also contributing to a corrupt system of governance that works for the Wall-Street minorities and those with the most money and influence. Torres Small said that the voices of the constituents such as farmers, soldiers, teachers and janitors were too often silenced by the very people they elected to represent their interests at Capitol Hill. Instead, these legislators served to protect and preserve the interests of oil companies and big corporations. Small said that he would work extremely hard to bring the local stakeholders together and to hold the lobbyers more accountable. This would drive solutions that are based on the communities and that will be critical in improving quality of life for the residents of Southern New Mexico.

Torres Small added that he was honored to have been endorsed by End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a group that has committed to empowering the vast majority of working American families by overturning the resolutions that had been passed by Citizens United and taking special interest groups and big money out of the US political arena. Big money and million-dollar political donors have caused a devastating impact on the decisions made by Capitol Hill on fundamental issues that affect the lives of middle-class Americans such as healthcare, education and the economy. A recent poll conducted by Gallup indicated that 90% of American citizens believe that the US federal government is working for the benefit of those with the most money and influence. Another poll that was conducted by ECU suggested that 62% of Americans believe that any candidate who refused to accept money from super PACs is serious about bringing reforms that will benefit the American working class.

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