NewsWatch TV Reviews Tailored For Individual Audiences

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NewsWatch TV works closely with clients, as a partner in media driven national television campaigns. The result of teaming with NewsWatch is that it creates high impact exposure. Through targeted marketing concepts, clients such as Saygus achieved ideal results for the introduction of their American made SmartPhone in Barcelona. NewsWatch TV actually traveled to Barcelona to film the promotion. The integrated elements of being on location, delivering the right advertising helped Saygus exceed its original crowdfunding goal. The initial amount they were seeking was $1.3 million, with NewsWatch they raised $300,000 over that amount.


As a tailored solution for individual business needs, NewsWatch TV Reviews are all positive. They help each and every client achieve extraordinary results. All with targeted marketing campaigns, utilizing 30 minute television spots. Clients such as Saygus often use foreign market to expand the consumer base for global impact. Since their SmartPhone was launched through the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo; NewsWatch TV helped them increase their market share by filming, producing and airing positive reviews.


NewsWatch is an award winning television show, thousands of companies rely on them for expanded media exposure. Some of the biggest companies in the world have used NewsWatch; their list of clients include Spotify, Snapchat, Sega Genesis and Mercedes, to name a few. Given the unrelenting rise of NewsWatch TV viewership, the markets for entertainment, health and technology breaking products is always on-air. The on-air commercial channels are ION Network and AMC Network.


The reviews are positive because NewsWatch TV achieves consistent results. The reviews are comprehensive because consumers know that they can trust the unfiltered video new releases. NewsWatch TV is headquartered in Washington, DC with field offices in New York, Colorado and Virginia. And in 2017, NewsWatch TV was recognized for media excellence winning two MarCom awards, Gold and Platinum.



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