Dr. Mark McKenna, an Entrepreneur and a Surgeon Who Never Quits

Remembrance is our past and future. To understand who a person is, we need to get some hint of how the person has developed over the years. Recalling their past life is the best mirror to what they will be in the future just as the surrealist film-maker, Luis Bunuel put it,” Our memory is our coherence.” To understand who Dr. Mark McKenna is, we will reflect his past and present future from a surgeon to an entrepreneur.

Dr. McKenna is a licensed physician and a surgeon. Mark as his close friends and family members commonly know him, graduated from Tulane University medical college in 1999. He started practicing medicine under the watch of his father who was also a med. But it is during his college life that he realized that he could not make a lot of money as a doctor; hence he started buying real estate while in school. Mark would secretly work at night at the prison for $50 an hour and invested the all the money in real estate.

Dr. McKenna’s real estate business was destroyed when Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005. Within two weeks, he had lost his investment. He later rebuilt the estate, but afterward moved to Atlanta and liquefying the business.

Dr. Mark McKenna showed his commitment to providing patients with various high-end non-surgical aesthetic produces as well as comprehensive weight loss remedies. The company was nominated for Allergan Inc.’s “Black Diamond”, an award achieved by medical practitioners who demonstrates a high level of patient care.

Dr. McKenna currently works at OVME, a medical aesthetic business that combines medical aesthetics with technology. OVME with is pronounced as a “for me”, features four reserved and luxury rooms for treated and also private offices for consultation. Its primary line of operation is aesthetic medicine. Dr. Mark McKenna is committed to helping resident Of Atlanta to comprehend the company position on providing edge-cutting service that leverage technology.



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