David Zalik

GreenSky LLC is a financial company that offers instant loans to clients. This firm has been unknown for some extended period until it emerged as the third most valuable financial private company. The company is unknown primarily due to the low profile of its founder, David Zalik. A firm called CB Insights did this ranking. The companies that held the two first positions in this rankings are Stripe and SoFi. The two companies are widely known, unlike GreenSky LLC that has always been providing financial services without using much public hype. The firm is based in Atlanta.

David Zalik was born in Israel but moved to Alabama, the United States at the age of four. He has been living in the country ever since. At the age of 14, Zalik joined Auburn University. Unlike his peers, he did not attend high school. His father worked at the university at the time he joined this institution. However, he quit school shortly and engaged himself in managing a computer firm that he had recently started. Mr. Zalik has a unique character in that despite his successes he has always kept a low public profile. This is why he is unknown to many people. Even during the announcement of his business’ success, very few people knew him.

Bloomberg tried so much and almost gave up on convincing him to attend an interview. In fact, during the meeting with this prominent media site, Mr. David Zalik admitted that it was his first interview ever. However, since gaining prominence in business, keeping a low profile is becoming harder than before for Mr. Zalik. He has recently been making headlines following his firm’s partnership with Fifth Third Bancorp of Cincinnati. This financial giant also bought a $50 million stake at Greensky LLC.

This partnership made headlines in various newspapers, but this never made David Zalik overexcited. David has once admitted that he believes making headlines doesn’t make much of an impact on the growth of a company’s fortunes. The success of GreenSky LLC is, however, plainly visible to many people. Mr. McLaughlin works for Financial Technology Partners. This is the company that has been recently advising GreenSky LLC. Mr. McLaughlin admitted that he feels GreenSky is the best financial tech company to be created in the last ten years. This is a claim that few would deny.



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