Sheldon Lavin’s Achievements in Food Industry

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Sheldon Lavin began his career journey in the finance and banking sector and later joined the OSI Group of companies. The business mostly deals with the packaging of food products and meat. The industry in the USA has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The company deals with producing proteins which are packaged and sold in supermarkets globally.

The journey towards success began when Mr. Lavin joined Otto and Sons Company where he served in the position of a financial consultant. The bank had previously offered him a chance to partner with Otto and Sons Company, but he declined as he was only interested in the position of a financial consultant.

After the retirement of Mr. Otto in 1975, the owners of the company were seeking to invest abroad. That was when Mr. Lavin finally decided to partner with Otto and Sons. Mr. Lavin was highly impressed with the strategies the company had employed and that motivated him to work for the company. Through the leadership and management of the OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin, the company grew impressively from a small local processing company to an international firm.

The process of expansion was terrific and started in North America and Europe. In the 1970’s Otto and Sons spread its branches to South America and later to regions such as Japan, Australia, China and South Africa. During that time, Mr. Sheldon Lavin had gradually acquired strong control of the business.

At old age, Mr. Lavin’s efforts of pursuing further expansion can be seen in making the OSI Group the largest supplier of proteins globally. OSI Group has its branches spread across sixty nations around the globe. Globally expanding the company was quite challenging but Sheldon remained focus to ensure that the company achieved the goal.

OSI Group wanted to dominate the local market by supplying quality products. In 2016, the company acquired a food plant located in Chicago which was previously owned and ran by Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods reason for selling the food plant was due to the high costs incurred in running the business.

In a move to appreciate the great work that Mr. Lavin Sheldon had achieved internationally including creating numerous job opportunities, he received a prestigious award. The Indian Vision Academy presented him with a Global Visionary Award. Mr. Lavin was humbled and honored for the recognition. Additionally, he was proud of his contribution towards the growth of the OSI Group.

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