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It is so important in the professional world to be honest and discreet. Clients and other professionals are looking for the best services from the best people. People deserve this as they most of the time they are paying for services. Highly trained individuals in fields have knowledge that can shouldn’t be used against patients but there are many examples of this happening. Fortunately, however there are those who uphold what is right and professional and choose not to take advantage of their clients. People like Mark Mofid are making the positivity outweigh the negativity in the professional world.

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who resides in the San Diego, California area of the United Sates. He has dedicated his life to providing the most professional and safe plastic surgery to his patients. Trained in general and plastic surgery as well as a member of craniofacial research fellowship Mark Mofid has a level of education and dedication to his craft that is sparse these days. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and has aa medical degree from John Hopkins University. Mofid has developed a reputation for honesty and safety amongst his peers. Clients who get plastic surgery specifically gluteal augmentation which Mark has been working in, usually seek more enhancements over time. This can be detrimental to their health, but most surgeons decide to operate anyway because of the financial benefits they receive. Not Mark Mofid though, money isn’t the force driving him as he has a deep sense of commitment to service and improving the lives of others. This commitment runs so deep that he invested his own time, money,and research to developing a new form of implant for those seeking gluteal augmentation. The older ones tend to sag and ultimate aren’t fit to connect with the body’s muscles. This new implant revolutionized the plastic surgery world as it is safer and binds to the muscles and flesh of patients easier.

Mark Mofid is known for his honesty and legitimate care for his clients and it seems that is going nowhere. He even now is still looking to improve the results of plastic surgery with new advances in technology. He is a true example of a professional who takes pride in their work.


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