Talos Energy: Pushing The Boundaries of Oil & Gas Excelence

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Offshore exploration and production is where the money is. This dynamic field of work brings in billions of dollars and there is a plethora of oil & gas companies around the world. One of the top companies that specializes in this industry is located in Houston, Texas. This company just so happens to be known as Talos Energy. Talos Energy is privately owned, and it’s led by a management team. This management team is highly trained, and it has years and years of experience. Exploration and acquisition is the name of the game and nobody else does it any better.

One of the reasons for such huge success is that the company has a solid and stable foundation. Talos Energy is backed by the rock-solid funding of Apollo Global Management. The company is also backed by Riverstone Holdings LLC. In 2010, Talos Energy teamed-up with Sierra Oil & Gas as well as teamed-up with Premier Oil for a huge offshore project. This project was held in the open waters of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. The Zama-1 well was the first sunken-well project in these exclusive Mexican waters in over 80 years. That’s right! Mexico’s market has been closed to foreign entities for nearly a century, but the project has the potential to bring in some much needed revenue. Mexico nationalized its oil industry eight decades ago, and it was monopolized by the country’s very own Petroleos Mexicanos.

Big things has been happening for this region of the globe, and the Sureste Basin is no exception. This phenomenal basin is expected to hold between 100 million – 500 million barrels of crude oil. If things hold true, Mexico’s ailing oil industry will get a direct boost, which will fuel the economy through and through. Talos Energy is pushing the boundaries of oil excellence, and it will continue to expand even more in the years to come.

More at : https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talos-energy-llc-announces-historic-oil-discovery-offshore-mexico-300486773.html



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