Freedom Checks: An Investment in America’s Future

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Freedom Checks have become well known due to a viral video showing how easy it was to obtain a large check every few months. It poses a lot of questions, and has caused many to research deeper, asking What are freedom Checks? Freedom Checks are an investment in companies that produce and distribute natural resources sourced in the United States, like gas and oil. This has resulted from America wanting to be energy independent. These companies are expected to be hugely successful in the future due to an increase in production of these resources in the United States. So freedom checks are an investment in the future of the US production of these resources. Visit the website to learn more.

Master Limited Partnerships are the companies that issue these Freedom Checks. These are the companies that specialize in all the aspects of natural resources being produced and distributed. In order to operate tax-free, these companies must pay ninety percent or more to their investors. This is all made possible by the Statute 26-F passed by Congress, and now well over five hundred companies meet their requirements. Unlike other payments one may receive, Freedom Checks are not government funded, but the checks could be significantly larger than those received from government programs.

Some of the major investors in Freedom Checks are Lloyd Blankfein, from Goldman Sachs banks, with over 8.9 million dollars, Robert Mercer, from the Hedge Fund, with 7.1 million, and Fayez Sarofim, who owns the Houston Texans, with 2 million dollars each year. The MLP companies are expected to pay over 34 billion dollars in the next year to investors.



It is finding and investing in these MLP companies that allowed the founder, and geologist, Matt Badiali to create his own wealth and the wealth of others. It was while traveling the world, meeting with investors and huge billion dollar companies, doing hands-on work in the field that he discovered a way to make a profit on investing in the countries natural resources. By investing in these companies, and working hands-on, Badiali has shown it is possible for anyone to make a profitable investment in the future of America’s natural resource industry. Learn more about Freedom Checks at


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  1. Esther Gideon
    26 May 2018, 11:03 am

    While there are so many people in the industry that have the knowledge and wisdom in professions, I think the dream to create is important. Also making of tools and resources would help to make the investor have the best shot at making that profit. At one most important point, you realize that there has been so much that Freedom Checks has done behind the scene.

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