Bruno Fagali Well-Established Corporate and Financial Lawyer In Sao Paulo

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Bruno Fagali has been one of the most respected names in the legal fraternity of Brazil for many years now. He is the head corporate marketing manager at Novo/SB marketing firm and is also the owner and partner at Fagali Advocacy, a firm he founded.

As a legal practitioner for many years, Bruno Fagali is considered to be an expert in corporate law, compliance law, ethics, regulatory law, financial law, mergers and acquisitions, anti-corruption law, and so on. The expertise of Bruno Fagali in the field of commercial and corporate law is unchallenged, and many large-scale corporations seek the advice of Bruno Fagali on various corporate matters.

Bruno Fagali started Fagali Advocacy with limited capital and in a small space as he didn’t have much financial backing when he first started. However, within just a few years, Bruno Fagali managed to pull his firm up from the bottom to make it one of the top law firms in the country. In Sao Paulo, Bruno Fagali is one of the most respected lawyers and represents not only some of the top corporations, but also some very affluent business families, public figures, and political personalities. Some of the cases that Bruno Fagali has fought in the past have become case studies.


As a modern lawyer, Bruno Fagali also maintains a blog where he writes articles on various subjects. One of the subjects about which Bruno Fagali recently wrote about is the alcohol advertisements. Bruno Fagali says that the court has asked the advertisers to ensure that the alcohol and is not appealing to the audience and must always carry a statutory warning saying that alcohol consumption is not suitable for health. Not following the court orders would lead to the suspension of the advertisement and the advertiser would attract penalties as well.



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