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To-Do Lists and Upwork

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To-Do Lists are the best way to get everything out and lay it down for easy digestion. No matter how good we are at remembering everything we have to do, at times it can be overwhelming. Thought it’s no secret that as easy as they are to create, they’re not always easy to excite. The […]


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Categories: Cancer Treatment, Surgeon

When discussing topics related to men’s health, is hard to not bring up Dr. David Samadi, a medical contributor for Fox News. Dr. David Samadi is a tremendous proponent of men being screened for prostate cancer, especially men over the age 40. Several studies have shown that men over 40 have a higher probability of […]

How to Become an Entrepreneur

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Robert Deignan is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. Throughout his career, he has built successful companies to serve clients in various industries. He founded a company called ATS Digital Services. The company was designed to operate as a customer service operation for other companies. Customer service is a critical aspect of […]

Dr. Saad Saad: Making Great Impact in the Pediatric World

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Categories: Doctor, Medical

Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon that has touched the lives of many, and he is continuing to do so through performing successful pediatric surgeries. He is a man with a soft spot for children and so, he does anything in his power to ensure that he provides ample care to ailing children of […]

Sheldon Lavin’s Achievements in Food Industry

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Categories: Food Business, OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin began his career journey in the finance and banking sector and later joined the OSI Group of companies. The business mostly deals with the packaging of food products and meat. The industry in the USA has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. The company deals with producing proteins which are packaged and sold in […]

Lime Crime New Hair Color Products

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Categories: Beauty Care

If you are a makeup lover, you are probably very aware of LimeCrime cosmetics. The makeup line is known for producing very bold and vibrant colors that are guaranteed to get you noticed. Lime Crimes products are all about expressing yourself in a creative way. Certainly, the makeup line will inspire you to release your […]

The Benefits of O2Pur eCigs

Yazan: spcblog | 22 April 2018 | No Comments
Categories: E-cig Industry

Electronic Cigarettes have dominated the market for smoking products over the past few years. The move from regular cigarettes to eCigs have major advantages over the typical pack of cigarettes. One of the biggest advantages is the cost. Companies such as O2Pur and Juul set their devices at roughly $50 dollars with juice compared to […]

Can Peter Briger Find the Next eBay at Princeton?

Yazan: spcblog | 21 April 2018 | No Comments
Categories: Financial, Financial Institution

Peter Briger and other Princeton alumni are looking for the “next big thing.” They have started the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurship Fund (AEF) to make it possible. Will Princeton be the headquarters of the next big Wall Street Bank? America Needs Jobs Every year, you could say the same thing – “America needs jobs.” For any […]

Mark Mofid: True Professional Care

Yazan: spcblog | 20 April 2018 | No Comments
Categories: business, Doctors, Health, Surgeon

It is so important in the professional world to be honest and discreet. Clients and other professionals are looking for the best services from the best people. People deserve this as they most of the time they are paying for services. Highly trained individuals in fields have knowledge that can shouldn’t be used against patients […]

Desiree Perez is the Engine behind Roc Nation’s Success

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Categories: Business leaders, music

In late 2016 alone, the global industry of music made revenues of worth $17.2 billion earning it the titan title. Reports indicate that this is more than one-third of the entire income made from different sectors across the world. And like any other business, leadership plays a pivotal role in establishing a strong portfolio in […]