8 Secrets on How to Make Your Bathroom Look So Stunning!

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There is no written rule that the wainscoting must be painted with white or oak whatsoever and that means you are not going to be reprimanded if you want to go a little bit away from what is conventional. Neutral colors aside from white can be a good idea. If you are more adventurous with colors, you can paint with more vibrant colors.

A Gorgeous Lighting will definitely make your bathroom look more glamorous

IMG 1Lighting can give a dramatic effect on any plain space. Try out a beautiful lighting piece and see for yourself how it can transform your bathroom’s look into a high-end showpiece. Lighting pieces come in different, shapes, sizes and colors depending on its function. Most commonly used are pendant lights and sconces. Recessed lighting and LED spotlights are also a good choice.

Decorate Your Bathroom in White for Elegant Simplicity

White is a classic, and even the simplest bathroom style can look elegant and expensive with White. It also makes the room look more spacious. Let white linens and accessories polish the chic elegance look. AlexMoulding.com offered so many styles that you can consider for making an excellent decoration for your home.

A Gray Bathrooms is a Classic Beauty

Who says that a Gray – colored bathroom can’t be this beautiful? This neutral color is nowadays favorite shade for bathroom and kitchen interiors.  It offers a warm ambience and is easy to blend with other colors especially if you plan to fix some wooden cabinets or shelves.

Don’t Miss the Outdoors Even When Inside Your Bathroom

IMG 2Being Close to nature makes you feel more relaxed and quiet. So why miss any chance of getting that same feeling even when inside your own house, especially when inside your bathroom and having some relaxing shower? Bringing in the outdoors into your bathroom is a new must-love design element. Not only that it is good and relaxing but also adds more beauty to the room.

Spice up with a Pop of Color on Cabinets, Shelves and other furniture

The best way to spice up a bathroom is coming up with colors on the cabinetry and shelving. Color adds more life and elegance depending on the intensity of its hue, and shade you use. It is also a good way to express your personal creativity through you color choices.

Use Colorful Glass Tiles for an added Glamour and Sophitiscation

Alright, you’ve got a simple but elegant bathroom interior. What about adding more sophistication and glamour to it? Adding a colorful, glittery glass tiles can do the trick. The colorful glass tiles can add more drama into the total lighting effect. The amount of light reflected produces a glittery effect that adds more life and beauty.

IMG 3Try Rich Jewel Tones for a Dramatic Color Effect

Painting with deep jewel tones will give off a more dramatic effect especially when matched with the perfect lighting accessories. It creates a more luxurious look and feel inside.  Indeed, purple is a royal color. You can see in the photo below just how majestic it looks when those deep purple and pink colors were blended with the gray floor and marbled walls. A bold, royal blue wall paint is such a splendid idea that brings you a Caribbean experience. This design comes perfectly matched with golden or rustic wall decors and vanity frames to produce to best outcome.

There are a lot of styling ideas on how to make your bathroom look like a 5-star hotel’s guest bathroom, or a luxurious royal bathroom. Just let your imagination flow and of course, don’t forget to consider your pocket too.



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