Malcolmn CasSelle & The Rise of the Digital Goods Market

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According to Malcolm CasSelle, President of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), the online gaming industry is the primary driver for an expected explosion in the value of crypto-currency. The Opskins Company is now launching Wax’s block chain platform. WAX works as a person to person market place for the exchange of digital goods and digital currency. The WAX platform is effective at combating fraud. It also solves geographical fragmentation issues.

Malcolm CasSelle graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He subsequently completed graduate school at prominent Stanford University where he received a Masters Degree in Computer Science. Before he assumed his current position as President of Worldwide Asset Exchange, he served as President and Chief Technology Officer at Tronc. Tronc was called Tribune Publishing Company when Malcolm CasSelle ran the company. He is also the Chief Information Officer at Opskins.

Malcolm CasSelle has participated as a key player in the development and launch of several successful start up digital companies including Media Press and XFire. He is also a very active investor in successful digital based companies including Facebook and Zynga. Malcolm also invests heavily in funds classified in the Big Data and block chain verticals. Along with his many other successes, Malcolm has a vast amount of experience from places like Direct Tech Labs, Timeline Labs and PCCW in China. He also speaks three languages fluently English, Japanese and Mandarin. He also serves as an advisor to Sensay, Plug & Play Bitcoin as well as Bringhub.

Malcolm CasSelle has positioned himself as possibly one of the most powerful players in the Bitcoin market. He has accomplished this through his massive success in the field that resulted in his prominent position at very successful companies WAX and Opskins. Malcolm interacts with people and content on Linkdin, Twitter, Angel List and Youtube.

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