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Top Highlights From Obsidian Energy

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Obsidian Energy specializes in the production of gas and oil. It has invested in high-tech assets and technology that has a capacity of 30,000 boe every day. Obsidian energy argues that investing in the high-tech assets and technology was vital to help the company deliver top-notch results. Moreover, Obsidian is driven by the fact that […]

How Elysium Health Implements Advanced Aging Research

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Dr. Leonard Guarente is the co-founder of the consumer health company Elysium Health; he is also the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Dr. Guarente has extensively studied sirtuins, a class of proteins that play a key role in regulating metabolic systems in response to stress and […]

The Chainsmokers New Music

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The Chainsmokers have only been around for about three years, but in that short amount of time they have created a few hits that have topped the charts. They created “Roses,” “Don’t let me down,” “Paris,” “Something just like this,” and “Closer.” They have featured a few popular artists in their songs such as Daya, […]

The New Direction That Alex Pall Wants

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There’s a lot that Alex Pall wants to do and he needs to see that the Chainsmokers go in the right direction. Being able to do what he is doing is a great thing but it isn’t easy. He has worked hard to make sure that things go exactly the way that they need to […]

Jeunesse Products Augment the Lifestyles of Customers in an Advantageous Manner

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It’s been eight years since Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded Jeunesse. Their combined interest in empowering the lives of people from all walks of life was the basis for them coming out of retirement to start the company. Their passion revolves around the concept of being able to inspire people to reach higher for […]

The Chainsmokers : A Success Story in Electronic Music

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The Chainsmokers began to sing once they became more famous. They went on to succeed with some other major hits, including “Paris”, “Something Just Like This” with Coldplay, the twelve week number one “Closer” with Halsey, and the the Grammy-winning dance song “Don’t Let Me Down”, Which also allowed Daya, an industry success story to […]

Ecigs Investments: Something To Look At

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An investment involves placing some initial capital in expectation of more returns in the future. Individuals and firms get involved in various types of investment such as shares, bonds, and asset acquisition. Higher returns result from higher stakes, in other words, the more the risk, the more the gains. Firms are more involved in various […]

Felipe Montoro Jens Strives to Save Rio de Janeiro’s Private Sector

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Once it is all said and completed, this venture that is ongoing for Rio’s Child Education Network is no minor one by any means. It takes assemblies of all different kinds of folks to ensure the process is completed in a timely, safe, prosperous fashion. The Public-Private Partnerships were formed by Law No. 11,079 in […]

8 Secrets on How to Make Your Bathroom Look So Stunning!

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There is no written rule that the wainscoting must be painted with white or oak whatsoever and that means you are not going to be reprimanded if you want to go a little bit away from what is conventional. Neutral colors aside from white can be a good idea. If you are more adventurous with […]

Malcolmn CasSelle & The Rise of the Digital Goods Market

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Categories: Cryptocurrency

According to Malcolm CasSelle, President of Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), the online gaming industry is the primary driver for an expected explosion in the value of crypto-currency. The Opskins Company is now launching Wax’s block chain platform. WAX works as a person to person market place for the exchange of digital goods and digital currency. […]