Vijay Eswaran and His Eye-opening Philosophy of Success.

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Vijay Eswaran, entrepreneur, author and executive chairman of the Hong Kong based QI Group is an example of success. After building a flourishing multinational conglomerate, Vijay Eswaran has turned his talents into mentoring others and encouraging other to live life to its fullest.

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran dedicated himself for many years to acquire his education and experience and began to share his expertise with the release of his first book, In the Sphere of Silence in 2005. He has now written several others, including the best selling Two Minutes from the Abyss, and plans to continue to share his wisdom through books, programs and speaking engagements.

Using tales and stories, Vijay Eswaran peppers his writings with sound philosophies about success and the discipline required reach it. He attributes persistence as one of the most necessary skills required to thrive in entrepreneurship. Vijay Eswaran also believes that change must originate from within a person, and that success requires embracing fear and remaining outside of your comfort zone. Vijay Eswaran believes that life is the result of decisions and change and that change should be growth positive.

Vijay Eswaran is also passionate about servant leadership, believing that an organization’s leadership must value its workforce. Understanding, supporting and enabling a staff ensures quality of product, excellent customer service and increased job satisfaction. A well trained, supported and happy staff are the best ambassadors of a company.

Developing a clear vision and effectively communicating that vision is perhaps Vijay Eswaran’s best talents. By clarifying expectations, values and commitments, he is able to enlist others to participate in his visions and encourage personal and corporate growth.

The philosophies of Vijay Eswaran have ensured his success and now, with his books and speaking engagements and programs, he has provided the tools to empower and energize others with his advice on successful living.


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