Closer: How Alex Pall and Drew Taggart Look To Get “Closer” To Their Fans

In the summer of 2016, Interview Magazine sat down with the two members that make up the EDM/music group “The Chainsmokers”; Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. The interview looks into the release of their new song “closer.” The song at the time was only just released, but it was anticipated to be a huge summer hit. In the interview, Alex Pall discusses how him, and Taggart met. Both were in New York, studying and working on DJing as a side job. Taggart, at a point in the interview, discusses how he started to DJ only as a side job, but then saw the growth of the EDM genre, and felt he could truly find a connection in it. At some point, while both were working on DJing, production, and making money, Taggart and Pall were introduced. They describe it as love at first sight, in terms of musical connection. From there the two began working on a sound, in which they strived to find a way to stand out. See Related Link to learn more.


This is when Taggart said that himself and Pall decided that “We don’t want to make straight up dance music anymore. We’re huge music fans, we listen to everything.” They began experimenting with a sound and created hits such as “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” These songs began the transition into their own sound, but it was in the song “Closer” that Taggart sang alongside Halsey, and in the interview, both Pall and Taggart describe this as crucial to their sound. Both describe this moment as being able to add feeling, emotion, and personality, to a genre that was very hidden, very phony, very unexposed. (View: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Both Alex Pall and Drew Taggart view the release of “Closer” as a step into a new direction of their music, the beginning of trying to find relatable ways to tell their stories, and let fans know more about them. The critics may end up being mixed on this new sound, but the duo that makes up the “Chainsmokers” is adding personality, authenticity, and most importantly, a face, to a genre that needs it.




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