Anthony Petrello: From Rough Beginnings To Philantropist.

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Anthony Petrello is not know to most households, he blends into corporate America. He might be one of the most important people in the US even though he does not give captivating speeches or plaster himself all over the television. He represents part of those who help to craft the way of life in America. He is one of the United States top paid CEOs, he earned over sixty-eight million during 2014 working with Nabors Industries.

His success inspires envy and admiration, but those who know him understand that he is humble, honest and deserving of what he earns. Petrello agree with those criticizing the greedy tactics of Wall Street as Main Street suffers and lives by a code or morals based on fairness and respect. While Anthony Petrello is a brilliant business strategist and manager his success is the way he treats people. He has created jobs through his conduce and helps Americans get ways to enjoy life.

Newark Beginnings

Anthony Petrello grew up in Newark, New Jersey, the neighborhood was mostly Italian and working class. The community has a strong work ethic with everyone working together to take care of needs and people are rewarded for hard work. This is where the values were instilled in Petrello and he always understood that he had to work for his success.

Anthony Petrello is intelligent and mastered difficult subjects at an early age. His parents were struggling but he worked hard on his studies to reach a better place for all of them. He used the school’s resources to learn all that he could and by the time he was eighteen Yale University recognized him. He got a full scholarship.

Scholar Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello began his time at Yale as a mathematical scholar who assisted Serge Lang with number theory. The two of them worked on proofs and complex theorems that most students would not understand. Petrello also attended Harvard Law School and developed an interest in human sciences. He had the same passion and work ethic the entire time. To see more, visit here.

After Graduation

Anthony Petrello married his girlfriend from college. He had a variety of jobs before he started at Nabors Industries and worked there for almost three decades before he became CEO. The Petrello’s donate millions every year to charity.


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