The Humble Beginnings of Tony Petrello.

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Tony Petrello, who was ranked as one of the top paid CEOs in the nation and who is the CEO of Nabors Industries, the largest oil and gas drilling company, has very humble beginnings. He started out in the small town of Newark in New Jersey. He came from a middle class family. He worked very hard in order to make his father, who toiled so that his son would have the opportunity to study, happy.

He eventually was awarded a scholarship at Yale University for his outstanding accomplishments in the field of mathematics. In fact, he was chosen to study with Serge Lang, who was known as one of the most prominent mathematics professors at the time. Serge Lang loved Tony Petrello. They worked together on Serge’s projects.

Tony Petrello never forgot Serge Lang. At a funeral ceremony for the professor, he pledged to donate one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the university in the memory of his former professor. He also pledged to match donations with an equal donation, up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

However, instead of becoming a mathematician or a professor of mathematics, Tony Petrello decided that math was not his goal in life. Instead, he went to Harvard Law School and enrolled there. He got his law degree soon after. Keep in mind that he still had his degrees in mathematics from Yale University. Although he eventually did not pursue a math career, he made sure to get his degrees.

Tony Petrello then joined Baker and McKenzie as a lawyer. He soon headed one of their branches. He became an expert in corporate tax law. He learned a lot about corporate law in general. Tony Petrello had a client that was called Nabors Industries. The people saw how smart he was. They immediately knew what a great addition he would make for their team. They begged and pleaded with him to come join Nabors Industries. Eventually, he accepted and joined as the COO. He climbed the ranks and soon enough, he became the CEO. He continues to lead Nabors Industries towards success.

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