George Soros The 21st Century Beacon Of Altruism

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George Soros is a world-class billionaire investor who over the years has helped influence and shape the rights of those that get oppressed across the world. Recently he transferred 18 billion dollars to a nonprofit organization, the Open Society Foundation which is an organization that he established and has branches all over the world. This generous act, saw the company become the second largest philanthropic nonprofits in the United States of America and the donation one of the most massive money transfer ever made by an individual donor.

The Open Society was created by Soros back in 1979. It’s a grant-making foundation with many branches and partners around the world. Its primary focus is enhancing democracy and combating issues of injustice and discrimination, economic governance and advancement, and human rights. The total expenditure of the society is 14 billion dollars, since the time of its existence and with an annual budget of close to a billion, according to the Forbes.
In the recent years of its existence, the society has turned its attention to the United States of America. Specifically, it supports programs to protect the lesbian and gay rights, and mitigate police abuse cases. The organization additionally funded treatment center during the Ebola attack in 2014. Other funds were directed to the center for Roma art and Culture as reported by the New York Times. In the 2016 American presidential election, Soros also donated 10 billion dollars to fight against hate crimes.

Soros charitable acts have also put him right in the middle of social, political and economic debates convulsing the country. His independence in all this gets attributed to his success in financial markets making his profits through correctly predicting the changes in the market helped by many of his economic analysts.

George Soros is always known to take an active stand on matters that may appear controversial without fear. Soros net worth stands at 23 billion dollars, and he attributes all his success to hard work in financial market.

Soros philanthropy has its roots in his background. He lived under the communist rule when Hungary was under the Nazi occupation. He later moved to London in pursuit of better education when he was young. After completion of his university education in England, he had moved to Wall Street in America to peruse his career. The idea for the name of his organization originated from the book of a famous author by the name Karl Popper who is a philosopher. The book itself was titled Open Society and Its Enemies. This book campaigned for democracy, freedom of expression, and respect for human rights, a theme that Soros could relate.

The Open Society Foundation has had more impact within and around the world than any other society presently. Their works have reached most parts of the world, and their result as a social justice foundation is undebatable and unbeatable. The organization has operated with civil society leaders; the Roma and the African American who still suffer discrimination. Such involvements have kept Mr. Soros at the center of political and social issues now and for many years to come.

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