Perry Mandera: Establishing a Name in the Freight and Cargo Transport Industry

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Custom Companies Inc. is one of the leading freight and cargo transport companies in the United States today. The founder of the company, Perry Mandera, is a hardworking entrepreneur and businessman who managed to innovate and develop the industry to provide better services to his customers and clients. Custom Companies Inc. focuses on using the best transportation method so that the freight and cargoes can be delivered to their target destination on time. Learn more at Slide Share about Perry Mandera.

Perry Mandera established the company in 1986 after he realized that the freight and cargo transport industry lacks the technology to deliver the packages on their destination accurately, and it also takes a lot of time before they reach the target address. The leadership of Perry Mandera is phenomenal – Custom Companies Inc. managed to grow from a small startup to a large company because of his dedication to place his business to the top. Today, Custom Companies Inc. is posting an annual income of $200 million, and it is expected to go up in the years to come because of the rising demand for logistic services. Custom Companies Inc.’s market is also starting to diversify, as small startups and large Fortune 100 companies all agreed that their service is one of the best in the industry.


When he was younger, Perry Mandera has already developed an interest in vehicles and transportation. He decided to join the United States Military after finishing school, and he was tasked to drive the military truck. He used his spare time studying how to operate each truck in the military base, and his knowledge about transportation increased. He would leave the military with so much knowledge about vehicles and transportation in general, and in 1980, he decided to start his own business. The business is only short-lived, and he had to close it because it went bankrupt. However, Perry Mandera never lost hope, and through establishing the Custom Companies Inc., he managed to get back on track and prove that his knowledge about how the industry works is beneficial to the growth of his new company. Today, Perry Mandera is focused on reaching greater heights. Read more at about Perry Mandera.



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