Trabuco’s Weren’t Very Efficient In War Times

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Even though the Trabuco was used during war times up until the eleventh century, they were not very efficient for the things they were used for. This made problems for the armies that were using them. They thought they would be efficient, but they were not the best tools people could use.

For the armies that had tried to use the Trabuco in the past, they found they were not able to get the tools to work for them. According to, the machines were not what they thought they’d be and that caused some problems for people who were trying to win a war. It made things harder on them and made it more difficult for them to fight their enemies who had better tools than what they were using. All of the things that allowed people to fight and go into battle were based on what they could do to make things easier and that gave them all the inspiration they needed to get rid of the Trabuco.


One issue that armies continued to run into with the Trabuco machine was that it didn’t work the way it should. Instead, when they aimed it at a target, it was unpredictable. They were not able to make the machine work in the way they wanted because it had no way of trying to aim. There was nothing the machine or the operators of the machine could do to make it aim right or make it get to the target they were hoping for.

Even though there were different ways people could use the machine, most of them involved all of the people in the army working together According to This left their camps vulnerable and caused even more issues than what they saw with other things going on in the battles. The Trabuco was not helping them because it was not aiming and it was not helping them because it didn’t work for people to try and get their things across what they were doing. All around, the Trabuco was a poor choice for the people who were fighting the battles they went into with it.

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